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Photos and Videos of 6 October

Videos of 6 October

Competitive regions of Europe

(6 October) Pierre Simon, the President of 'Eurochambre', the European association of chambers of commerce, presented the second editions of the "Atlas of Regional Competitiveness" during the opening of the Investors' Café on 6 October. More information

European Commission adopts Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion

(6 October) The European Commission adopted the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion today, signalling the start of a major consultation with regional and local authorities, associations, NGOs, civil society and other organisations, aimed at achieving a better and shared understanding of territorial cohesion and its implications for the future of the EU's regional policy. Read more

Photos of 6 October Videos of 6 October

Presentations online now

(6 October) All presentations available from OPEN DAYS speakers have been put online. They are sorted by the four themes of the event, and them by order of workshop codes. Users will find them here.


Monday 6th October, 2008 has been declared a day of nationwide industrial action in Belgium. Public rail and urban transport will be on strike for 24 hours starting Sunday 10 pm. Thalys, Eurostar, Belgian railways and Brussels local transport are affected. You are advised to consult their respective websites.;;;

The airport will in principle operate normally, but passengers are advised to allow ample time for getting to and from the premises

Countdown to OPEN DAYS – webstreaming of Opening Session and other events…

(03 0ctober) OPEN DAYS, the European Week of Cities and Regions, kicks off on Monday 6 October with the opening session taking place in the Charlemagne building in Brussels from 16:00 to 18:00. This is one of several sessions to be webstreamed over the course of the OPEN DAYS. In addition, the event "EU funding opportunities for tourism" under the European Day of Tourism on Tuesday 7 October and the Media Day on Wednesday 8 October will also be broadcast on-line.

Commission speakers at OPEN DAYS

(03 0ctober) Between 6 and 9 October, more than 150 colleagues from ten Directorate-Generals of the European Commission will take the microphones and speak on regional development and innovation, fight against climate change, cooperation etc.  Apart from President José Manuel Barroso and Vice President Günter Verheugen, who will address the Opening respectively the Closing Sessions, it will be in particular Danuta Hübner, the Commisioner for Regional Policy, speaking on several occasions and organising the event in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions. Other Commissioners involved are Androulla Vassiliou, the Health Commissioner, Vladimir Špidla, the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Leonard Orban, responsible for Multilingualism, and Janez Potočnik, the Science and Research Commissioner.

OPEN DAYS in a nutshell

(2 October) 6,500 participants will invade Brussels as of next Monday to visit one of the 145 seminars held in the Committee of the regions and other locations until 9 October. The most important messages, events and figures have been summarized in a presentation.

Regions tackling climate change: the added-value of satellites

(30 September) Pioneering regions and cities in Europe use innovative satellite services to support successful climate change mitigation projects. Satellites offer a number of concrete, efficient tools for the management of natural resources, of risk (flood, fires, drought) and for mitigating the impact of human activities (such as transport) on the environment.

During a seminar organised by Eurisy, a non-government organisation promoting the benefits of European space projects, on the afternoon of 7th October at Centre Borchette, you can learn more through best practice presentation from regional representatives using satellite information and services. The workshop will also feature presentations from the European Environment Agency and the European Commission's Regional Policy DG. Click here to register.

World famous architect David Fisher at OPEN DAYS

(22 September) The world famous architect Dr David Fisher who designed the world's first wind and solar-powered rotating skyscraper to be built in Dubai will attend the OPEN DAYS as a speaker at the workshop "Ecomagination in the Cities of the Future". Other speakers at this workshop will include Jussi Pajunen, Mayor of Helsinki, Erik Freudenthal, City of Stockholm, Director of the Environmental Information Centre, and Francis Bailly, GE Senior Business Executive, Europe. The workshop on 7 October, 14:30-16:15, in the "Investors Café" at the Committee of the Regions will focus on the needs of and potential solutions for sustainable cities of the future. A limited number of places is still available. Register here.

6,000 participants registered

(19 September) Recent registration statistics say that more than 6,000 participants will be attending the OPEN DAYS 2008 in Brussels, each of them visiting four seminars on average. Most participants come from national or regional administrations (42%), while around 20% are professionals from civil society or academic oragnisations and close to 10% work for EU institutions.

Participants' frequently asked questions

(16 September) While the OPEN DAYS are approaching, participants' questions on practical details might increase. They find here the questions and answers the organisers have thought of. We hope it helps and look forward to welcome you!

Worth a visit: the OPEN DAYS Investors' Café

(05 September) Between Monday, 6 October, and Thursday, 9 October, about 150 regions, cities, enterprises, banks, EU institutions and other organisations are ready to welcome and inform the OPEN DAYS participants in the Committee of the Regions, rue Belliard 101. Those already registered for OPEN DAYS seminars can enter with their badge. Other persons have to register following this link. More information including the list of exhibitors can be found here.

Going local: Europe in my Region / City

(04 September) The new webpage of the OPEN DAYS local events is now available. You will find a new interactive map of Europe gathering the 233 events which will be celabrated in Europe's regions and cities during October 2008. Find out more about those events here.

Taking the floor: 850 speakers from 41 countries

(1 September) The OPEN DAYS programme in Brussels will involve about 850 speakers from 41 different countries representing a large variety of regional, national and European and international institutions, public and private entities, involved in regional policy and urban development. Find out more about them here

Order or download: OPEN DAYS 2008 publications

(12 August 2008) The programmes, posters, maps, presentations and more sources have been made available now at a new page "Information sources". Sources can be either downloaded there or hard copies of paper publications can be ordered by email.

Registration open for OPEN DAYS 2008

(9 July 2008) Online registration for the OPEN DAYS 2008 European Week of Regions and Cities gets underway today. Participation is free, with 143 specialist seminars to choose from and a total of 15,000 seats available from 6-9 October. Registering for an event could not be simpler: the official website, includes details of all the seminars and workshops, speakers, dates and venues, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to apply. For the full programme and more details, click here to download the OPEN DAYS Programme Brochure.

The OPEN DAYS is aimed at EU and regional policy-makers, experts and representatives of banking, business and civil society groups. The seminars and workshops will focus on first experiences of implementing the 345 cohesion policy programmes running from 2007-2013, worth a total investment of about EUR 500 billion in EU and national funds.

The OPEN DAYS seminars and debates will focus on four themes:

  • Innovating regions: Promoting research, technological development and innovation;
  • Sustainable development: Regional responses to climate change;
  • Cooperation and networking: Exchange of best practice in regional development;
  • Looking forward: A European cohesion policy for tomorrow.

The  European Investment Bank, BusinessEurope, the European employers' organisation, Siemens, General Electric, Philips, Veolia and the European Citizen Action Service will be among organisations represented  at the OPEN DAYS "Investors Café", the event's exhibition and meeting area, hosted at the Committee of the Regions headquarters.

The French Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Michel Barnier, will address the Opening Session at the Charlemagne Building on 6 October, alongside CoR President Luc Van den Brande and Regional Policy Commissioner Danuta Hübner. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso is also expected to participate in the ceremony. The Closing Session, which takes place in the European Parliament on 9 October, will include contributions from President Hans-Gert Pöttering, French Secretary of State for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet, and CoR First Vice-President Michel Delebarre. Commission Vice-President Gunter Verheugen has also been invited.

A record 216 regions and cities from 32 countries have signed up as partners for the sixth annual OPEN DAYS, organised by the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Commission's Regional Policy Directorate-General, with the support of the French Presidency of the EU and the European Parliament.

In addition to the events planned in Brussels, 32 countries will host 235 local OPEN DAYS events throughout the month of October, under the banner of "Europe in my region". In total, 26 Member States are represented among the OPEN DAYS partners, along with Turkey, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and – for the first time – Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iceland. France has registered the highest number of partners, 22, followed by Italy and Spain (19), the United Kingdom (18), and Poland (17). In addition, representatives from other countries, including China, Russia, Brazil and Serbia are expected to contribute to the event, along with international organisations.








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