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This year will see 233 local events take place in 31 countries as part of the 'Europe in my Region/City' initiative, in the framework of the OPEN DAYS 2008 European Week of Regions and Cities. Most of the events are organised by the local and regional authorities of the partner regions/cities involved in the OPEN DAYS. The countries hosting the most events are: United Kingdom (23); Italy (22); France (21); Spain (21); Poland (17); Netherlands (11); Germany (10); Sweden (10); Romania (9);  Czech Republic (7); Portugal (7); Slovakia (7).
Several non-EU Member States are also backing the project: Bosnia-Herzegovina (1); Croatia (2); Greenland (1); Iceland (3); Norway (6); Turkey (1).

The aim is to attract a wide range of participants and not just policy-makers and experts. NGOs, the media and members of the public who want to know a bit more about what is happening in the EU, why it matters and how it affects their local community, are welcome to attend many of the events. For more information on the events nearest to you, click on the map above.

The European Commission and its 27 national representations in each of the Member States, together with the 482 offices of the Europe Direct network, are active in the organisation of the local events.They can help provide support in logistics, documentation and promotion but also in finding speakers, experts and EU representatives.

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