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The Investors' Café: Europe's regions and cities - partners for successful business

The Investor's Café is a service to European entrepreneurs and representatives of the regions and cities, enabling them to forge links with a view to opening up opportunities for partnership. Around a real café area in the Committee of the Regions headquarters at 99-101 Rue Belliard in Brussels, participants will find an agreeable spot for meeting decision makers and experts, in small groups or tête à tête while drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

The Investor's Café is also a communication tool. The venue will be an exhibition area with thematic stands including partner regions and cities highlighting their investment potential and disseminating information. Officials and other experts from several Directorate-Generals of the European Commission and European financial institutions and banks will be there to explain details of Community policies and instruments.

If you would like to visit the Investors´ Café exhibition without attending any Open Days workshop (conglomerate, DG Regio or Investors' Café workshops) please register beforehand with the following registration form for visitors. You will find the Investors' Café in the Committee of the Regions Jaques Delors - building, Rue Belliard 101, Brussels, on the 5th and 6th floor.

There will be seven thematic villages focusing on key subjects important for regional development. No fewer than 50 seminars have been scheduled between 9 and 11 October 2007 in the Committee of the Regions building in which partners from the Investors' Café will meet visitors and share their experiences and points of view. You can find out more and register by clicking on the themes below:

The Investor's Café is also aimed at the media. A TV studio will be hosted by teams of journalists thanks to support from the Association of Regional Television Channels in Europe (CIRCOM), with particular involvement of the leading Euronews channel. Accredited television broadcasters can also make use of the studio, while representatives of the press have a Media Centre at their disposal. Around 300 European, national, regional and local journalists are expected to cover the event and to report on the activities of regions and entrepreneurs.

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