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URBAN Events

Regions and Cities: Partners for Growth and Jobs

Barcelona, 1-2 June 2006

The European Commission is drafting a communication about the contribution of cities and towns to growth and employment in regions. On this basis, the Government of Catalonia would like to bring EU cities and regions together to debate: a) the incorporation of theses actions in the future SF programmes, b) the implementation of mechanisms which organize the national/regional delegation to cities, and c) new funding methods.

These three themes will be developed throughout three working sessions. A political session gathering the national, regional and local representatives, a technical session on the guidelines for the next programming period 2007-2013 and a third practical session, divided into three workshops for exchanging and discussing the best practices on the above mentioned main themes. The Barcelona conference would like to provide stakeholders throughout the EU a forum to exchange ideas on how the Structural Funds can best serve cities.

Further details, programme and registration:


Stockholm 3 - 5 May 2006

Urban Futures 2.0 is an international conference about life in European cities and urban governance in a European context. A number of plenary and over 40 workshop sessions on various themes have been planned to develop processes for cooperative action and provide a platform to meet the future challenges for urban areas. The conference is a joint initiative by the City of Stockholm, the Swedish Government and the European Commission. It is an integral part of Sweden's metropolitan policy and contributes to the European agenda for urban issues agreed by the ministers in charge of urban affairs in Rotterdam (November 2004), and further developed by the Bristol Accord (UK EU Presidency, December 2005).

Visit the website to find out more about registration

Speech :

Committee of the Regions

Brussels, 27 April 2006

Speech by Commissioner Danuta Hübner - Plenary Session, Committee of the Regions, Brussels, 27 April 2006
"Regions and cities have to play an active role in the implementation of Cohesion Policy" :

Urban II

Strasbourg, 11 April 2006

The URBAN programme has played an important role in the award of best economic development project to the Greater Strasbourg area. The winner was selected by a group of 38 journalists from France's economic press. The successful project was the creation of a fund to help local crafts men and businesses in the south Strasbourg areas (Mainau, Neuhof, Rhine Portj) The price was awarded in the French Senate on 11th April.

Press release on the URBAN France website:

City Conference‚ Urban action: From vision to action’

30/31 March 2006, Graz (A) and Maribor (SLO)

The German-Austrian URBAN network, in co-operation with the cities of Graz and Maribor and with support by the URBACT programme, organises a European City Conference entitled ‘Urban action: From vision to action’ on 30 and 31 March 2006. After the success of the ‘URBAN Future’ conference in Saarbrücken in June 2005, this congress will be dedicated to the preparations and concepts for urban actions in the new Structural Funds period 2007-13. The Commissioner for Regional Policy Danuta Hübner, the MEPs Beaupuy and Olbrycht, high-level representatives from the Austrian EU Presidency and the Member States as well as experts will discuss the perspectives on future urban actions. A bus transfer between the two locations in Austria and Slovenia will be provided.

Further details, programme and registration: URBAN Action - Speech:

URBACT Annual Event, 14-15 November 2005

The 2005 annual conference of URBACT cities will take place from 14 to 15 November 2005 in Liverpool (United Kingdom). It will bring together all the partners involved in the programme: elected representatives,
national and local administrations, local decision-makers, civil servants, technicians and representatives of local associations.


URBAN in the EP (12/05/2005)

On 12 May in Strasbourg, an Intergroup on ‘Urban and Housing issues’ of the EP held a first public meeting. On this occasion, Rudolf Niessler presented a paper on the urban aspects in current and future cohesion policy. The comprehensive text provides latest information on urban issues in mainstream programmes, the URBAN Community Initiative, URBACT and its recent results, the Urban Audit and an outlook into the next generation of Structural Funds programmes.


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