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Urban Pilot Projects Annual Report 1996 

The UPP Annual Report 1996  is based upon the experience of the UPPs during the periodsumms.jpg (39208 bytes) 1990-1996.  The report provides an overview of the 33 projects that were approved during the first programming period (1989 and 1993) under Article 10 of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

Initially the report outlines the key objectives of the Urban Pilot Programme and highlights some of the problems which the Phase I UPPs sought to address.  The report also provides some indication of the extent to which the projects have achieved their stated objectives. 

The report goes on to review a number of lessons that have been learnt by these pilot projects which may be relevant to those involved in urban regeneration across the Member States.  These include achievements in the following areas: 

  • Integrated approaches to regeneration
  • Improved competitiveness in EU cities
  • Creating employment and combating social exclusion
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Organisation and partnership development
  • The integration of projects into wider regeneration programmes
  • Contributions to the urban policy debate

For those interested in broader EU issues, the report provides some insight into more general changes affecting the EU including: 

  • New forms of employment
  • Changes in urban structure
  • The role of medium sized cities
  • Various approaches to urban governance

The report also provides some useful information for the Phase II UPPs, launched in July 1997, and others involved in EU regeneration programmes.  For instance, it discusses which conditions are necessary to guarantee the success of projects and provides practical advice on project management and how to deal with project level evaluation.  This section of the report also provides examples of project activities aimed at the transfer of know-how and exchange of experience at EU level. 

To conclude, the report provides a review of the proposals received for the Phase II UPPs and some indication of the rigorous selection process undertaken. 

The UPP Annual Report was published in English and French (1500 copies of each language). Copies of the French version are still available from the Technical Assistance office at ECOTEC Research and Consulting Limited in Brussels (Fax: +32 2 732 71 11). The first print of the English version has been exhausted. The European Commission re-published a further 3000 copies of the Report. This can now be obtained from the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, L-2985 Luxembourg, from the European Commission (DGXVI) and from European bookshops at a price of 8.50 ECU

Executive Summary

A four page executive summary of the 1996 Annual Report has also been published in English and French. Hard copies are available from the Technical Assistance office at ECOTEC Research and Consulting Limited in Brussels (Fax: +32 2 732 71 11). A downloadable PDF version of this publication is available on this site.

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