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Article 10 of the European Regional Development Fund

Alongside the mainstream Structural Fund activities and the Community Initiative programmes, about 1% of Structural Funds is spent on a series of innovative measures across the European territory.  Article 10 of the ERDF, in particular, makes provision for the “support for studies or pilot schemes concerning regional development at Community level”.  The application of Article 10 during the period 1989-93, enabled the Commission to co-finance innovative demonstration projects to tackle urban problems: Urban Pilot Projects across 11 Member States. In  the second programming period, 1994-99, a total of 26 European cities across 14 Member States are also benefitting from this scheme. 

According to regulation no. 2081/93 (amending reg. 2052/88) and no. 2083/93 (amending reg. 4254/88), the ERDF shall provide “support for studies or pilot schemes concerning regional development at Community level, especially where frontier regions of Member States are involved”.  It may contribute up to a ceiling of 1% of its annual budget to the financing, at Community level, of:

a) studies on the Commission’s initiative aiming to identify:

  • the spatial consequences of measures planned by the national authorities, particularly major infrastructures, when their effects go beyond national boundaries
  • measures aiming to correct specific problems of the border regions within and outside the Community
  • the elements necessary to establish a prospective outline of the utilisation of Community territory.

b) pilot schemes which:

  • constitute incentives to the creation of infrastructure, investment in enterprises and other specific measures having a marked Community interest, in particular in the border regions within and outside the Community
  • encourage the pooling of experience and development of cooperation between different Community regions, and innovative measures.


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