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The URBACT Programme

Working together to promote best practice


One of the most exciting features of URBAN II is the provision for exchange of good practices across Europe. This is the subject of a specific programme: the "European Network for Exchange of Experience", or "URBACT".

URBACT's objectives are to highlight best practices and to draw lessons from successes and weaknesses identified in these programmes. The target group is urban actors from the 216 cities benefiting from the URBAN I and II programmes and Urban Pilot Projects.

URBACT consists of two main priorities:

- Exchange and dissemination of knowledge.
This includes: thematic networks organised by the cities themselves, actions to build the capacity of urban actors, and studies. EUR 14 million is set aside for this priority, of which 50% will come from the EU and 50% from
project partners.

- Capitalisation and information.
This includes a website, the presentation of results, a toolbox and information on illustrative projects. Total funding for this priority is EUR 8.8 million.

In addition there is a budget of EUR 1.96 million for technical assistance and for the running of the programme.

The programme is directed by a monitoring committee, with members representing all participating Member States and the European Commission. The French Ministère délégué à la ville et à la rénovation urbaine (Délégation
interministérielle à la Ville, DIV) has been designated as the managing authority.

Total cost of the project: EUR 24 760 000
EU contribution (ERDF): EUR 15 900 000


Ministère délégué à la ville et à la rénovation urbaine
M. Jean-Loup Drubigny
194, avenue du Président Wilson
F-93217 Saint-Denis-La Plaine CEDEX
Tél.: + 33 (0)1 49 17 47 51 / 52
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