Urban Audit

Initiated by Directorate-General for Regional Policy, the European Urban Audit involves 27 National Statistical Offices working together under Eurostat coordination. Data are collected on more than 300 variables describing the quality of life in 300 European cities. Based on this unique data collection, a report has been produced. Complementary information has also been gathered through a survey on how inhabitants perceive quality of life in their city.

Perception survey on quality of life in 75 European Cities

A survey was conducted in November 2009 to measure the local perceptions of quality of life in 75 cities. It includes 70 cities in the 27 Member States of the European Union and 5 cities in Croatia and Turkey.

A number of issues such as employment, environment, housing, transport, culture, city services and immigration are addressed by this survey.

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2007 - Survey - annex

The Urban Audit

The Urban Audit is a collection of quantitative information on the quality of life in European cities.

A new round of Urban Audit data collection was conducted between 2007 and 2009.

A collection of annual Urban Audit data is ongoing.

Urban Audit Pilot Project (1997-1999)

European Urban Audit (2003- ....)

The State of European Cities Report

The report builds on a unique collection of urban statistics. It provides in-depth analysis of gathered demographic, economic and social statistics. It exploits other available data, for example on education level, civic involvement and environment. It also provides a typology of European cities, which allows urban audit cities to find other cities with which to compare themselves .


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Executive Summary

Proceedings of the workshop "Quality of life in European Cities: facts and perceptions" - OPEN DAYS 2007 - October 11 -

"The state of European cities : the Urban Audit" - Conference - Brussels, 10 June 2008

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