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Regional Policy contributing to smart growth in Europe 2020 - COM(2010) 553 - 06/10/2010

EU regional funds can help unlock the growth potential of the Union as a whole, by targeting investment in innovation in all regions.  This is the central message of a Commission Communication 'Regional Policy contributing to smart growth in Europe 2020' adopted on 6 October 2010.  The Communication encourages national and regional authorities to design 'smart specialisation strategies' to help regions identify their best assets. Concentrating resources on a limited number of priorities will ensure a more effective use of public funds and help to leverage higher levels of private investment.

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Regional impact of technological changes

Study on the development of diagnoses and regional innovation strategies in the French regions under the ERDF Operational Programmes for the 2007 – 2013 programming period

The aim of this study was to analyse the development of diagnostics and of the Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS), and more particularly to examine: the process of developing and adapting the RIS in the regions, and the chosen methods of governance; - the main developments or reorientations in relation to the initial situation in 2007, and how the process and its constitutive elements may have contributed; the main conclusions drawn from the RIS exercise, particularly with a view to the mid-term review of the ERDF operational programmes.

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The regional impact of technological change in 2020

The regional impact of technological change in 2020

This study highlights the great diversity in development pathways and trajectories of innovation across European regions. A regional knowledge-based economy has multidimensional aspects. It includes a variety of knowledge activities and multiple interactions among a range of actors including universities, research institutes, enterprises, knowledge workers and institutions. The spatial patterns and trends for the different aspects of the knowledge-based economy vary significantly across Europe. Most aspects show convergence and generate catching-up processes, while some show divergence between European regions.

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Investing in our regions

Investing in our regions : Research and Innovation
A selection of Research and Inovation projects co-funded by regional policy, demonstrating how they have had an impact on the lives of people across the European Union.

This publication is extracted from a collection of 150 projects grouped around ten themes.

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Creativity and Innovation - Driving competitiveness in the Regions

Creativity and Innovation - Driving competitiveness in the Regions
Inforegio Panorama Magazine n°29 - Spring 2009

"Innovative practices and creative solutions are a springboard to the growth and well-being of our regions and countries"

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Innovative strategies and actions - Results from 15 Years of Regional Experimentation

Innovative strategies and actions - Results from 15 Years of Regional Experimentation (2007)

An analyse of the results of regional experimentation supported by the Union over the last 15 years
highlighting the methodologies and tools which can be used by regions as they develop or refine their innovation strategies.

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Regional Innovation Governance

Regional Innovation Governance (2010)

Regional Focus n°02/2010

This study provides an overview of and insight into different approaches towards innovation and the contribution of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programmes. It presents different approaches towards the governance of innovation; examines complementarities between the ERDF and the national/regional funds for innovation; shows an obvious effort to involve partners in the design and in some cases in the implementation of the programme; and argues that there is still room to improve the effectiveness of ERDF support for innovation.


Susutainable urban development

Fostering competitiveness through innovative technologies, products and healthy communities (2007)
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ISBN 92-79-04531-8;
Conference - Regions For Economic Change - 2007
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Innovation through EU Regional Policy

Innovating through EU Regional Policy (2006)
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KN-68-05-187-C ;
Conference - Regions For Economic Change - 2006
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