The thematic pages

Cohesion Policy is the expression of the EU’s solidarity with its less-favoured Member States and regions. Tailored to the needs and potentials of the latter, programmes are co-financed by the Structural and Cohesion Funds and support balanced growth and job creation. Through an integrated approach, these programmes strengthen sustainable development of the regions and of the EU territory as a whole.

Eligibility of projects is in general defined by the Structural and Cohesion Fund regulations pdf and depends on whether programmes are designed for regions under the "Convergence", "Regional Competitiveness and Employment" or "Territorial Cooperation" objectives. In addition, "Community Guidelines on Cohesion 2007-2013" pdf provide for a common strategic framework which is mirrored by "National Strategic Reference Frameworks" pdf adopted by each Member State.

These pages look at the most important themes and issues for EU Cohesion Policy and provide access to projects, programmes, statistics and further information.

Themes :

  1. Business support
  2. Cooperation and Networking
  3. Culture
  4. Education and training
  5. Employment and social inclusion
  6. Energy
  7. Environment and climate change
  8. Evaluation
  9. Financial engineering
  10. Health
  11. Information and communication technologies
  12. Tourism
  13. Research and Innovation
  14. The outermost regions
  15. Transport
  16. Urban development
  17. Rural development
  18. Northern Ireland: The Peace Programme
  19. Capacity building and Governance

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