Capacity building and Governance

The development of socio-economic strategies and the implementation of policies in EU Member States is the responsibility of a variety of public organisations, such as government ministries, regional or local authority departments, or specific agencies. To contribute to the quality and effectiveness of these policies and services – and their success – these organisations need modern administrative and management capacities.

In the less-developed Member States and regions the public services responsible for example for the development of economic and employment-related strategies and their implementation may lack the capacities to do so in the right way and cost-effectively. For this reason, funding is earmarked under the ESF for strengthening the institutional and administrative capacity at local, regional or national level in Convergence regions and Member States receiving Cohesion funding. These activities include, for example, the modernisation of human resource management, reorganisation of roles and competences of public administration, fighting corruption, support to social partners and NGOs, reducing administrative burden of businesses, strengthening regional and local administrations, and modernisation of policy development processes.

The ERDF often supports complementary investments in public capital projects in various e-government fields such as e-health, e-government, e-learning and e-inclusion.


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