Cohesion policy: Strategic report 2010
on the implementation of the programmes 2007-2013

  • What progress are Member States and their regions making in delivering agreed objectives, including high level EU objective?
  • How has cohesion policy contributed to reducing the economic and social disparities across Europe?
  • What has been the impact of the on-going economic crises on implementing cohesion programmes?
  • How are Member States performing in various sectors against the EU average?

Commission Strategic Report

In the strategic report, adopted on 31 March 2010, the Commission concludes that the strategic reporting exercise is an important improvement in accountability in the delivery of the policy’s objectives. Though this first exercise has limitations, it is a promising basis for building a more thorough peer review of performance, giving an impetus to a more results oriented policy.  The exercise also brings important and timely messages into the debate on the potential of the policy to accelerate the exit from the crisis by addressing development needs while responding to the effects of the crisis. It also provided a valuable monitoring tool and points to areas where efforts must be reinforced in order to deliver an important early contribution to the Europe 2020 strategy.

Information on the Commission's ex post evaluation of the Period 2000-2006 can be found here.