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Objective 1: 2000-06 programmes

The 2000-06 programming period brings new challenges and opportunities for the regions under Objective 1, where disparities are still large in comparison with the rest of the European Union.

114 programmes, prepared by the national and regional authorities together with the European Commission, are being implemented in the 13 Member States affected by Objective 1 and its transitional support. Summaries of these programmes are available on this site, and, in accordance with the rules, the full versions are published by the relevant national or regional authorities. Most are published on the Internet; click here for access to the list of relevant websites.

These programmes focus on three categories of project which may generate a process of sustained endogenous growth:

  • infrastructures (28% of the funds), of which approximately half is for transport infrastructures;
  • human resources (30% of the funds), with priority given to employment policies and education and training systems;
  • aid for the production sectors (42% of the funds).

More specifically, the Structural Funds play a decisive role in supporting environmental protection, which accounts for over 10% of the total allocated for Objective 1. A large amount of money is also directed towards improving access to peripheral regions and developing training, research and innovation activities, which are essential to knowledge-based economies. Estimates suggest that EUR 5-6 billion will be devoted directly to the information society and to reducing numeracy problems. Support measures for small firms will contribute less directly to the development of new technologies.

For more detailed information on the quality of the Objective 1 programmes, consult the communication. submitted by the Commission in July 2001.


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