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Innovative actions: networks

In addition to the regional programmes of innovative actions, three networks , one per strategic theme, were launched to foster co-operation between regions. These complementary activities were designed to enhance the exchange of information, experience, know-how and expertise between the participating regions – especially with a view to improving and increasing the use of Structural Funds’ investments and more generally for regional economic and social development. The activities of these networks included workshops, seminars, study visits, conferences, sharing of experience and good practice through an electronic communications platform, physical and virtual newsletters, policy forum etc.

  • ERIK (European Regions Knowledge-based Innovation Network) for technological innovation was led by Toscana and Emilia-Romagna and included 13 members and 23 associate members. ERIK continues the networking activities thanks to the INTERREG IVC programme and it is currently one of the "fast track" network selected under the Regions for Economic Change initiative

Further information is available on the website:

  • IANIS + (Innovative Actions Network for the Information Society) for Information society at the service of regional development, which is led by Sachsen and includes 39 regions.

Further information is available on the website

  • Sustainable Regions , which is led by Wales and includes 11 regions.

"Cohesive Thinking Towards a Sustainable Future" - Report of the Sustainable European Regions Network - Executive summary

Further information is available on the website





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