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Innovative actions 1994-99
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Innovative actions: bibliography

Innovation 2007-2013

"Analysing ERDF co-financed innovative projects" : a methodology for project analysis 

Regiostars award 2008 : presentation of the 26 finalists

The text of the Communication "Regions for Economic Change":

"Examples of regional innovation projects" : cases studies from the regional programmes of innovative actions 2000-2006

Innovative strategies and actions: Results from 15 Years of Regional Experimentation

Innovation in the national strategic reference frameworks (working document) - October 2006


Innovative Actions 2000-2006

Guidelines for the innovative actions of the European Regional Development Fund 2000-06

Guidelines on Criteria and Modalities of Implementation of Structural Funds in Support of Electronic Communications

Ex Post Evaluation of the RIS, RTTs and RISI – innovative actions for the period 1994-1999 (January 2005)

The contribution of Structural Funds to the Lisbon Strategy

Regional Innovation Strategies under the ERDF, Innovative actions 2000-2002, 30 projects RIS and RIS+ analysed and lessons drawn from 8 years of experience (694 KB)

Creating smart systems, guide to Cluster strategies in less favoured regions (167 KB)

The European TrendChart on Innovation

Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP)


Technological innovation

Community Research & Development Information Service

Newsletter on innovation from the European Commission's Enterprise DG

The Regional Dimension of the European Research Area

Promoting Entrepreneurship and SMEs

The Innovating Regions en Europe (IRE) Network

Regional innovation policy under the Structural Funds 2000-06
Speech by Guy Crauser, Director General for DG Regional Policy, RIS-RITT network meeting, Madrid (15 June 2000) en

European Trend Chart on Innovation (November 2002)

Innovation policy: updating the Union’s approach in the context of the Lisbon strategy (march 2003)

Regional clusters in Europe, Observatory of European SMEs 2002, N°3

Communication de la Commission : Plus de recherche pour l'Europe - Objectif: 3% du PIB

Commission staff working paper - 2001 Innovation scoreboard

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Information Society

Concise guide to the regional initiatives for the information society

Electronic communications : the Road to the Knowledge Economy (february 2003)

Final Report for the Thematic Evaluation of the Information Society

Europe’s Information Society – Thematic Portal

Information Society Technologies (IST) 2002-2006

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Regional identity and sustainable development

Communication from the Commission : A sustainable Europe for a better World : A European Union Strategy for Sustainable Development (May 2001)

Communication from the Commission : Towards a global partnership for sustainable development (February 2002)

The role of Innovative actions in sustainable regional development

"Cohesive Thinking Towards a Sustainable Future" - Report of Sustainable European Regions Network" - Executive Summary

DG Environnement

European Environment Agency

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