IPA Environment Operational Programme in Turkey

The overall objective of the "Environment" programme is to increase the competitiveness of Turkey by supporting investments in environment infrastructure sector. In this framework the scope of the intervention in Turkey will cover environment infrastructure, in particular in water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment and in intergraded waste management. The intervention should pursuit a coherent strategy over medium to long term and possibly mobilise additional financial sources EIB, IFI's and donors.

1.Priorities and measures

To this end, the programme will implement two operational priority axes and one technical assistance priority axis as follows:

Priority 1: Improved water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment services (EC contribution: €134 298 000)
This priority axis aims to develop environmental infrastructure in line with EU standards managed in an efficient and sustainable manner; to provide efficient and sustainable water and wastewater services to the population; to provide affordable water and wastewater services to the population; to improve environmental protection. The priority will address the issue of the high level drinking water losses during transportation from water intakes to final consumer.

Priority 2: Improved integrated solid waste management (EC contribution: €57 556 000)
This priority aims to develop environmental infrastructure in line with EU standards managed in an efficient and sustainable manner. To provide efficient, affordable and sustainable solid waste management services to the population; to establish environmentally friendly integrated solid waste management models, including separate collection; to reduce the amount of waste disposed in uncontrolled landfill; to rehabilitate and close old dumpsites.

Priority 3: Technical Assistance (EC contribution: € 12,246,000)
This priority axis aims to ensure a sound and efficient management and implementation of the programme, by improving the administrative capacity of the institutions concerned and supporting implementation, monitoring, evaluation, control and communication activities, as well as to prepare projects for current and subsequent programmes.

2. Financial table for 2007-2009

Years 2007-2009

Public Expenditure

Public Expenditure (€)

IPA co-financing rate


Community Contribution (IPA) (€)

National Public Contribution

Priority Axis 1

179 064 000

134 298 000

44 766 000 


Priority Axis 2

            76 741 333

57 556 000

19 185 333


Technical Assistance

           16 328 000

12 246 000

4 082 000


Total Years 2007-2009





3. Major Projects

  • Balikesir Solid Waste Management Project, 2008TR16IPR001
  • Ordu Wastewater Treatment Plant, 2008TR16IPR002, the Commission Decision adopting this major project has been taken on 2.4.2009
  • Konya Solid Waste Management, 2009TR16IPR001
  • Çorum Solid Waste Management, 2009TR16IPR002

4. Contact & Links

Head of the Operating Structure for the Environment Operational Programme

Mr Sedat Kadıoğlu, Acting Deputy Undersecretary
Sögutözü CAD n° 14/E
06560 Bestepe Ankara


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