IPA Enviromental Operational Programme in Croatia

The overall objective for the EPOP is to invest in projects that will contribute the greatest impact with the limited resources available in the waste and water sub-sectors, whilst assisting Croatia meet its obligations for implementing the EU environmental acquis governing the treatment and disposal of waste, the supply of drinking water, collection, treatment and discharge of waste water, and also developing the administrative and management capacity of those institutions implementing the EPOP. Consequently, the EPOP will improve access to and delivery of environmental services and facilities in the waste and water sub-sectors. It will also produce other indirect development benefits from the IPA assistance, such as raising the quality of life of residents, attracting new investment and creating new jobs.

1. Priorities and measures

Priority 1: Development of Waste Management Infrastructure for Establishing an Integrated Waste Management System in Croatia (EC contribution: € 26,349,750)
This priority axis aims to establish an integrated waste management system by the developing waste management infrastructure. This priority will concentrate on the construction of waste management centres at county/regional level as well as the remediation of sites highly polluted by waste. The actions will contribute to the protection of the environment and human health.

Priority 2: Protection of Croatia's Water Resources through Improved Water Supply and Waste Water Integrated Management Systems (EC contribution: € 26,450,250)
This priority aims to develop modern water management systems in relation to both drinking and waste water and by doing so, to protect Croatia's water resources and comply with EU standards.

Priority 3: Technical Assistance (EC contribution: €699,750)
This priority axis aims to ensure a sound and efficient management and implementation of the programme, by improving the administrative capacity of the institutions concerned and supporting implementation, monitoring, evaluation, control and communication activities, as well as to prepare projects for subsequent programmes.

2. Financial Tables

Years 2007 -2009

Public Expenditure

Public Expenditure (€)

IPA co-financing rate


Community Contribution (IPA) (€)

National Public Contribution

Priority Axis 1





Priority Axis 2





Technical Assistance





Total Years 2007-2009





3. Major Projects

Approved projects:

  • Water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment plant in Slavonski Brod

The project subject to the IPA co financing concerns the construction of water supply and sewage networks including the construction of a tertiary treatment plant in Slavonski Brod, and associated works. It also includes the purchase of the necessary equipment and the supervision for the works contracts.

  • County Waste Management Centre Kastijun

The project proposed for co financing under the IPA concerns the construction of a landfill and associated works, the purchase of the necessary equipment, technical assistance and supervision of   the works contracts. It aims at tackling the waste management needs of the County of Istria.

  • Regional Waste Management Centre Mariscina

The project proposed for co financing under IPA concerns the construction of a landfill and associated works, the purchase of the necessary equipment, technical assistance and supervision of the works contracts. 

Indicative list of future major projects

  • Water supply & sewerage improvements in Knin and Drnis
  • Regional waste management Centre in Split – Lecevica
  • Sisak water supply - sewage systems and waste water treatment plant

4. Contact & Links

Operating Structure

Head of  the Operating Structure for the Environmental Operational Programme
Mr Nikola Ružinski, State Secretary

Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction
Trg Republike Austrije 14
10 000 Zagreb

  • Contracting Authority

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