JESSICA Networking Platform

Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas

Sixth Meeting - 28 June 2011

  1. JESSICA Operations – progress update and issues arising ppt
  2. Fund managers and financial intermediaries Working Group - JESSICA lessons learnt ppt
  3. Working Group on JESSICA and energy investment in housingppt
  4. JESSICA - Methodologies for assessing non-financial performanceppt
  5. Housing in JESSICA operationsppt
  6. Smart Growth for European cities and regions - Insights from Economic Geographyppt
  7. Selecting UDFs - Learning from Calls for Expression of Interestppt
  8. Multi-OP JESSICA funds – the case of Portugal (subject to final confirmation)ppt
  9. Delivering urban transformation strategies for city regions - a public sector-led UDFppt

Fifth Meeting - 31 March 2011

Fourth Meeting - 8 June 2010

Third Meeting - 12 March 2010

Second Meeting - 17 June 2009


First Meeting - 4 March 2009

The JESSICA Networking Platform was launched on 4 March 2009 during a meeting with Managing Authorities of the Operational Programs of the Structural Funds and other interested stakeholders.


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