Cohesion policy Frequently Asked Questions


7. How does Cohesion Policy help the EU meet its growth and jobs targets?

In 2000, the EU’s member countries decided on their priorities for the Growth and Jobs Strategy (also known as the Lisbon Strategy), which aims to make the EU the most competitive economy in the world and achieve full employment by 2010. It has identified a number of priorities, including research and development, support for businesses, new technologies, and energy efficiency.

The Commission's 2007 paper on delivering the Growth and Jobs Strategy analyses the new Cohesion Policy programmes, which make encouraging reading – regions whose development is lagging behind (Convergence Objective regions) are planning to invest 65% of available funding in growth-and-jobs related projects. The figure is 82% for the other regions (Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective regions).
Both figures exceed the EU target. Innovation is a prominent theme in Cohesion Policy programmes.