Cohesion policy Frequently Asked Questions


3. How are funds distributed between countries and regions?

EU countries decided on the amounts available for Regional Policy for 2007-13 on 17 December 2005, at the same time as the “financial perspective”, the seven-year European budget. €347 billion were set aside for Cohesion Policy measures in the 27 EU member countries for 2007-13. National governments negotiated how the funds should be distributed in the EU Council, and priority was given to countries and regions whose development was lagging behind.

It is up to each individual country to divide the funds between regions covered by the EU’s “Convergence Objective” and regions covered by the “Competitiveness and Employment Objective”. Countries then use the funds to finance programmes – thematic programmes covering the whole country (on the environment or transport, for instance) or regional programmes channelling funds to a particular part of the country.