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Second European Cohesion Forum"The Union’s regional priorities– Defining community value added"

Documents, speeches and report

The first in a series of follow-up seminars on the future of Cohesion Policy takes place on the 27 and 28 of May 2002 in Brussels. This seminar deals with geographical priorities, including: the least developed regions; the urban question; the diversification of rural areas; cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation; areas undergoing industrial restructuring and areas with severe geographical or natural handicaps.

The objective of the seminar is to determine, for each priority theme, a field of Community intervention that would allow for the clear demarcation of the future role of the Structural Funds.

The programme for the event foresees three parallel workshops on the following topics:

  • Regions whose development is lagging behind

  • Regions undergoing structural conversion or facing specific problems

  • Cooperation and integration among the regions of Europe

See discussion documents for each of the three workshops:

"The Union’s priorities for regional policy", Michel Barnier fr

Key document: pdf deenesfrit (~20 KB)

Workshop 1: pdf deenesfrit (~30 KB)
Antonis Kastrissianakis: pdf en (~25 KB)
Presentation: ppt fr (43 KB) ppt fr (17 KB)
A view from candidate countries:
ppt en (57 KB) ppt en (47 KB)
Conclusions: pdf
enfr (13 KB)

Workshop 2: pdf deenesfrit (~20 KB)
Nikiforos Sivenas: ppt fr (75 KB) ppt fr (29 KB)
Presentation: ppt en (70 KB) ppt en (190 KB)
Conclusions: pdf en fr (13 KB)

Workshop 3: pdf deenesfrit (~25 KB)
Dr. Elisabeth Helander: pdf en (~25 KB)
Presentation: ppt fr (20 KB)
ppt fr (9 KB)
Conclusions: pdf fr (14 KB)

Conclusions: Guy Crauser fr pdf (21 KB)

General conclusions: pdf en fr (23 KB)

Guy Crauser
Guy Crauser
Michel Barnier
Michel Barnier


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