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Research Institutes

Contributions to the Debate

"The future of Cohesion Policy beyond 2006"


SIEPS-Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies: Reinventing Cohesion (Sept. 2003)

Institute for Public Affairs, Warsaw: Recommendations for the Polish Position (June 2003)

EU Enlargement and the Reform of the Structural Funds: the Implications for Scotland (2003)

CPB discussion paper: Fertile soil for Structural Funds (Aug. 2002)

DIW Berlin : How to finance Eastern Enlargement of the EU (June 2002)

CBP Netherlands' Economic Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis: Funds and Games. The Economics of European Cohesion Policy (April 2002)

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik: Die Strukturpolitik und die EU-Erweiterung (Feb. 2002)

Osteuropa-Institut München: Toward Agenda 2007 (Feb. 2002)

Osteuropa-Institut München: Kosten der EU-Erweiterung (Feb. 2002)

DIW: EU Eastern Enlargement Can Be Financed (Oct. 2001)

IBO : The financing of the EU structural policy in the context of the enlargement of the EU (Sept. 2001)

Notre Europe : How to enhance economic and social Cohesion in Europe after 2006 (Sept. 2001)




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