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Information and publicity tools can vary a lot. The Regulation 1828/2006  foresees obligatory measures, such as billboards or commemorative plaques. In practice, since 2000 the evidence has shown that the imagination of communication officers goes far beyond the formal requirements. Communication officers co-operating within the Inform network regularly submit their latest products to this website.

If you want to present your information product on this website, please send it together with your contact details to the following address:

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Country Region Videos Spot Radio

- Provincie Vlaams-Brabant

- Flemmish managing authority prepared a tv spot promoting the ERDF support for the region. "Europe invests, Flanders grows"

Europa in Vlaams Brabant


[WMV] (2MB)

CBC Bulgaria - Romania

- Cross-border cooperation programme Bulgaria - Romania

[MPG] (2,5MB)  [MP3] (1,5MB)

- A series of TV spots (4,2 MB to 4,4 MB) prepared to promote the outcomes of the Regional Operational Programme for Central Macedonia in Greece.

Rural Development

- The short film "Europe fosters Niedersachsen" shows three interesting projects supported by ERDF and ESF.

- Four films about the ERDF-financed projects in Bremen

The film available in German and English


Interreg IIIB North Sea Region

- A series of videos documenting the work and results of the Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme.

Web Video  

- EU4U - European Union Structural Funds Programme for Malta 2004-2006

How did Structural Funds improve our lives?  

- Videos from the Phasing-out progamme and the Objecitive one programme in Burgenland

Podcasts (in German)
Videos 2009 (in German)
Videos 2008 (in German)
Slovensko - TV spot promoting the 2007-13 period [MPG] (6,7 MB)  

- The European Funds in the Madrid Region

- Video clip on ERDF in Castilla-La Mancha

Projects videos


United Kingdom East Midlands - examples of what ERDF does East Midlands ERDF  
Country Publications

- Case Studies from Burgenland

- Vienna Operational Programme has prepared a guidebook for beneficiaries. It consists of two parts:  explanation of the regulation  and the guidelines to the  corporate design :

Central Europe Programme

- The 3rd issue of CENTRAL EUROPE newsflash which will gives a regular overview on important information concerning the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, includes, among other information, an article on how to increase visibility of a project (Communication seminar held in Vienna) together with a link to a communications guide prepared for the programme (Please find the newsflash under following link:

- To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the biggest enlargement in  the EU  history  the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme  has issued a special edition the CE newsflash, which highlights the implications of this date on the programme area.  The edition includes, among others, information on success stories of cross-border and transnational cooperation in the Central Europe area  and contributions of local and regional stakeholders and politicians coming from all EU Member States of the Central Europe programme area . Please find the newsflash here and at the CE Programme website  .

CBC Bulgaria - Romania
- Cross-border cooperation programme Bulgaria - Romania brochure: (2,6MB)
Bulgaria - Operational Programme for Transport: publications and information on the launch event: programme (266KB) Leaflets (2MB) - presentation (2MB)
Central Baltic INTERREG IV A - The Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013
CBC Slovakia - Austria - CBC programme Slovakia - Austria
CBC South Baltic Programme

- Programme brochure

- South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 newsletter , Compass. Among the featured articles: The specific profile of the South Baltic Programme: from the implementation point of view; Projects of the first call: UNITED; Who is who in the JTS; South Baltic Programme in your region: Contact Point Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; Learn more about the South Baltic area. The Newsletter is also available for download on the website


- A guide issued by the Cypriot Managing Authority regarding the Implementation of Information and Publicity Actions for 2007-13 period. It aims to display the responsibilities of Beneficiaries of the Programmes co-financed by the Structural and Cohesion Funds, regarding information and publicity and to help them implement correctly these responsibilities. It displays the correct use of the different emblems and information and publicity tools, which will be used by the Beneficiaries and other involved parties, together with relevant examples. It is also published on the Cypriot website

- A poster regarding Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund 2007-2013, to be displayed in the offices of all involved bodies and to be used for information activities. (.jpg)

- Brochure issued for Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund in Cyprus 2007-2013


- Poitou-Charentes: How to successfully communicate the European Funds – is the title of a guide issued by the Poitou-Charentes region for the project developers. The guide is also available on the region's website dedicated to the European funding Another interesting feature of the website is a clickable Map of Projects.

- Haute-Normandie: A series of articles published each week-end for 7 weeks for the launch of the Operational Programme:

- Franche Comté - a series of materials promoting the results of 2000-06 period and informing about the launch of 2007-13 Operational Programme for Franche-Comte: (657 KB) - (621 KB) - (1 MB)

- Midi-Pyrénées, communication campaign for the general public that took place in may 2008: print media (780KB) and a poster (2,15 MB) - A 8 pages special edition made for the launch event on May 6, 2008 (890KB) .


- Thüringen - The Ministry for Economy, Technology and Labour for Thüringen has prepared a series of promotional posters for the 2007-13 period. (1MB)

- EU funds in Germany


Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation Neighbourhood programme

- Triple Jump - by giving the collection of 158 projects a name related with sports, the authors wanted to stress the speed (only the champions learn the rules, tune in a team and combat the obstacles in three years), passion (some do not reach the finish without having it), concentration (many get lost on the way without it), dedication (only those who can manage stress, overwork and overtime celebrate victory) and team spirit (when synergy really strikes) of the participants of the Lithuania, Poland and Kaliningrad Region of Russian Federation Neighbourhood programme. It can be also found on-line here.



- Five years of bringing Europe's regions together (1MB)

INTERREG IVB Sudoe (South West Europe)

- SUDOE Programme leaflet (1MB)
- The newsletter SUDOE NEWS  is prepared in the programme's three official languages (Spanish, French and Portuguese)  and is available on the Sudoe's website
- Sudoe News – Spanish
- Sudoe News – French
- Sudoe News - Portuguese

INTERREG IVC - INTERREG IVC  East Area Perspective. EXPERIENCE – COOPERATION – DEVELOPMENT. Regions of Enlarged Europe Sharing Solutions (14MB) . The electronic version is available for downloading at the programme's website.
Lithuania-Poland ETC Programme - Lithuania-Poland ETC Programme has prepared a communication guide, available in 3 languages  here (412KB) and on the Programme web site:
North West Europe Programme

- The first issue of the NWE Programme e-letter was issued in March 2009. It is available in four languages , also on the programme website.

- Opportunities for Territorial Change (5.77MB) report contains the main achievements of  the NWE programme between 2002 and 2008. It includes anecdotes, examples of successful projects and an analytical (yet amusing) review of INTERREG IIIB North West Europe programme. The publication was officially presented at  the first annual event in Luxembourg  in September 2008.

Objective  1 Programme - Transforming South Yorkshire: Legacy brochure highlights the achievements of the Objective 1 programme for South Yorkshire 2000-2008 (2MB)
Poland - Bulettins of the Opolskie Voivodeship providing information about the Regional Operational Programme. Nr1 Nr2 Nr3

- Centre Operational Program information materials: Mais Centro 08 Regulamentos Panfleto

- Bulletin on NSRF Numbers published every three months. It contains all the relevant numbers on the NSRF, Funds and Operational Programs. Some examples: Bulletin 1 Bulletin 2 Bulletin 3

- Lisbon OP publications, including guide on communication for beneficiaries:Síntese do programa POR Lisboa / Guia de informação e publicidade para beneficários



- The summary of opinion poll on awareness of the purpose and posibilities of absorption of European Funds in Slovenia, carried out in June 2008. The summary is in English .

- Guidelines of the managing authority on information and publicity measures concerning Cohesion and Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013. Slovenian version

- Handbook on visual image of Cohesion and Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013. It contains the terms of use of Slovenian and English version of common logo and slogan use d  for all three Funds (CF, ERDF, ESF) .


- The Slovakian Ministry of Construction and Regional Development published Successfully implemented projects supported by EU Funds in programming period 2004 – 2006, available here (20MB)  and on the website dedicated to the 2007-2013 programming period

- Magazine EUROKOMPAS nr. 04/2008, containing an English summary .

- Information brochure – Experiences from the past for future development (5MB) .

- Information brochure – European funds and Slovakia „National Strategic Reference Framework“ .

- Employment and Social Inclusion OP, (3MB) full text and a (700KB) brochure


- The authorities of the Murcia region have published a “Practical guide about information and publicity of the Structural Funds Activities 2007-2013” (Manual Práctico sobre Información y Publicidad de las actividades de los Fondos Estructurales 2007-2013). This guide is available on-line and here . The guide contains practical interpretation of the information and publicity rules, including the examples of billboards, explanation of the small promotional objects or use of the EU emblem, everything illustrated with real information products.

- Castilla-La Mancha: summary of the Operational Programme ERDF 2007-2013 es en

Sverige - Information products for the Structural Funds in Sweden, 2007-2013
Utveckla Sverige - info 24 - info 25 - info 26 - info 27 - info 28 - info 29 - info 30 - info 31
The Central Europe Programme

- The philosophy behind the Central European publication is to (2 MB) :

  1. Have a premium product that has a longer live span than a simple newsletter and can be disseminated to wider interested audiences
  2. Not focus on the news, which are available from the website, but opinions by stakeholders and thematic and territorial reports/analysis
  3. Be thematically oriented to make it more interesting and provide ‘hooks’ and ‘angles’
  4. Allowsto ‘personalise’ the programme and show a human face, since the programme is about people being the drivers for regional development,  people belong ing  to a community, which  the programme managers would like to animate  and enrich through a variety of actions to create more ownership for the programme and its goals (knowledge management)
  5. Stimulate the debate, promotes and reminds of the overall programme goals
  6. Help to contact and engage with key stakeholders and  to build a network of supporters  and court opinion-makers
United Kingdom - Objective  1 Programme - Transforming South Yorkshire: Legacy brochure highlights the achievements of the Objective 1 programme for South Yorkshire 2000-2008 (2MB)
Country Websites
Austria - Burgenland new website, which includes some videos (in German only).
- A new presentation of the on-line book "11 years of the Objective 1 in Burgenland"
- The link to the fotogallery of the game "Wachsen mit Europa-Cresemos con europa"
Bulgaria In June 2009 the Unified Information Portal for the Structural Funds of the EU in Bulgaria was re-launched with a new design and enhanced functional features.The optimised new structure allows for a much easier and quick access by the users. A new section –“EU Funds in your Region” will show the impact of EU funding and the benefits from implemented projects for the life of the Bulgarian citizens. An interactive map of Bulgaria visualizes projects that have been implemented by municipalities. In compliance with the Commissions requirements for publicity and information the enhanced website puts an emphasis on publishing the lists of beneficiaries and projects approved under the Operational Programmes. 
CBC Slovakia - Austria - Cross-border cooperation programme Slovakia - Austria 2007-2013
CBC South Baltic Programme - South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
Central Baltic INTERREG IV A - The Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme 2007-2013:
Cyprus - Website for Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund:
Czech Republic

- Operational Programme 'Moravia Silesia' has developed a website, on which among others, you can find: documents, brochures, guidelines for beneficiaries on how to correctly implement information and publicity rules in their project activities:  ; programme newsletters   and project descriptions:

España - Launch of Castilla-La Mancha website :

- Burgundy region provides a series of documents for potential beneficiaries and general public on the dedicated website: The website contains, among others information about projects financed by the EU:  and a newsletter on the  EU programmes in the region:

- Poitou-Charentes: website dedicated to the European funding

- The website dedicated to the European program 2007-2013 in Midi-Pyrénées:


- EFRE Bremen

- For the 2007-13 period in Niedersachsen a website dedicated to the EU funding has been set up. One of the interesting features is the Project Forum, which can be viewed here:

Greece - The website contains the selected Greek projects implemented within the 2000-2006 programming period. The objective of this selection is to inform the public on the positive contribution of the Structural Funds by demonstrating important initiatives which can serve as examples for improving the quality of ongoing and future projects:
Interreg IVA Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (Denmark, Sweden, Norway)

- Interreg IVA Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (Denmark, Sweden, Norway) has a dedicated website for the programming period 2007-2013. The website:  features among others English pages with short description of projects; newsletter;  communication guidelines and project descriptions  in DK/SE/NO.

INTERREG IVB North-West Europe - A special attention has been given to the quality of the information, the navigability and the customization of the site to cover the needs of each public group. A user-friendly search tool allows users access to complete information about projects, which is updated automatically from our Programme Monitoring System:
North West Europe Programme

- The programme website


- Regional Operational Programme : link to the publications (in EN) ;
- Link to the Romanian InfoRegional Magazine (in EN) 
- Aall the information materials and video spots are available here


- Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy has started publishing the monthly e-news. The name of the publication is Cohesion e-corner and is in Slovene.
The publication is in an electronic version only, and is being e-mailed to the people on  the  recepients list. E-news provide up-to-date information about cohesion policy-related activities in Slovenia. E-newsletter are being distributed to disseminate information on the latest activities and feature calls for proposals, examples of good practices, announcements of events and other information. It can be found here:
Two first issues are here: E-koticek-st_1 E-koticek-st_2
- The website contains all the necessary information on Cohesion and Structural Funds (guidance, annual statements, results of opinion polls, invitations for tenders, news, organization of  the managing authority, etc ). For now it is in Slovenian only:

United Kingdom

- East Midlands Competitiveness Programme website , and the e-newsletter : The first e-Newsletter looks to inform Partners, Stakeholders and potential beneficiaries of the progress of the 2007-13 ERDF Competitiveness Programme.
It takes a look at the achievements of the Programme over the past year and highlights some of the excellent projects which are now starting to deliver in the region. It also presents the list of beneficiaries of the funding.

Region Event
Basse-Normandie (FR)
- « EUROP'LAND », une opportunité pour faire découvrir aux chefs d'entreprise bas-normands ce qu'est l'Europe. Site et vidéo
Central Europe Programme
- The annual event of the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme in Poznan (Poland) discussed further steps in transnational cooperation on 16 and 17 December 2008. Press release
EUROBUS - mobile information and education centre in Mazovia. In 2008 and 2009 it visited more then 23 boroughs in Mazovia villages and cities. Every time numerous individual consultations concerning the EU programmes took place. Information points were visited by several hundred of people of whom all received promotional and informational materials. The aim of the campaign was to create a coherent and positive image of the European Social Fund (ESF) in Mazovia, in order to assure the effectiveness of EU Funds’ implementation in the Mazowieckie Voivodship.