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The Directorate General for Regional Policy supports the exchange of information between the communication officers dealing with information and publicity on Structural Funds (ERDF and Cohesion Fund) interventions in the Member States, either by animating the INFORM network, or by participating and contributing to the meetings organised on a national level.

INFORM - Article 10 of the Implementing Regulation 1828/2006 speaks about setting up of the Community networks of communication officers. On that basis we have transformed the existing between 2002 and 2006 informal Structural Funds Information Team into the INFORM network.

INFORM aims at bringing together communication officers responsible for promotion of the Structural Funds from the ERDF and Cohesion Fund Operational Programmes in 27 Member States. Its main objective is to share experience and identify ways of improving the quality of communication activities, raise awareness of the benefits of Community interventions among the potential beneficiaries and general public and improve the visibility of EU funded projects as well as to link up with the existing national networks and to support the creation of new ones. The suggested priority themes are:

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A note to the COCOF committee setting up the INFORM network

RegioNetwork Więcej informacji

RegioNetwork is an on-line platform for cooperation and exchange of good practice between European regions. Members of INFORM are encouraged to sign up and use the site to network with experts and representatives of other regions. A dedicated INFORM network group has been created on RegioNetwork2020, which is open only to INFORM network members. If you are working on information and publicity issues for a Managing Authority of an ERDF or Cohesion Fund programme, sign up and share your views with other INFORM members!

The Structural Funds Information Team (SFIT) - an informal network of communication officers dealing with information and publicity on Structural Funds in the Member States in the programming period 2000-2006. It was established in 2002 after the seminar "Successful communication on Structural Funds: Working Together". A certain number of regions invited the Commission to produce a tool which could explain the various points in the regulation 1159/2000 on Information and Publicity and, at the same time, promote an exchange of experience and best practice on the subject. This co-operation resulted in the creation of a guide on successful communication. The network, comprising more than 90 members from 25 Member States, and Bulgaria and Romania before their accession, served as a platform for sharing best practice, animated by DG REGIO Information and Communication Unit.