Information & Communication Platform - Inform Network

Events - Sixth meeting of INFORM - Community network of Regional Policy communication officers

Madeira – 17-19 November 2010 - Funchal




 Wednesday, 17 November


Core group discussion (Room Rio de Janeiro, 4th floor):

Joint INFORM network campaign in all 27 Member States during 2011?
Thursday, 18 November


Plenary (Madeira Congress Conference Center)

  • Welcome by José Manuel Ventura Garcês, Regional Secretary for Planning and Finance, Madeira
  • Opening & presentation of the agenda by Raphaël Goulet, Head of Unit, and Peter Fischer, Information and Communication Officer; European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional Policy, Information and Communication Unit
  • Paulo Areosa Feio, Coordinator NSRF Observatory: Communicating Structural Funds in Portugal, with video presentation
  • Presentation of core group discussion by rapporteur from the core group
Eurobarometer 2010: "Citizens' awareness and perceptions of EU regional policy"



3 parallel workshops on the same topic:

Information and Publicity requirements in the future regulation, post-2013

Workshop A) Convergence and Cohesion Fund programmes (Madeira Congress conference center)
Moderator: Elisabete Quintas (Core member Portugal)
Rapporteur: Magdalena Dziubek-Grudzinska (Core member Poland)
Workshop B) Competitiveness programmes (Room Caracas, 4th floor)
Moderator: Cecilia Werner (Core member Sweden)
Rapporteur: Peter Fischer (Communication Officer, DG REGIO)
Workshop C) European Territorial Co-operation programmes (Room Cape Town, 5th floor)
Moderator: Ulf Wikström, (Interact programme)
Rapporteur: Dorothee Fischer (Communication Officer, INTERACT Point Valencia)

Scope of the workshop:
Based on the practical experience to date with communicating EU regional policy, participants shall establish the following:
Which communication actions have proven to be the most effective?
Which elements of the current implementing regulation 1828/2006 should be maintained? What should be added? Which level of detail(versus flexibility?) would be most helpful?
Issues to be discussed should include all of the following:
list of beneficiaries and transparency, billboards & plaques, programme branding and branding of ERDF/Cohesion Fund and/or the EU; use of the internet, level of financial and human resources required,…
Which organisational structures have proven to work? How can an effective co-ordination of the communication work be ensured at national level?

Rapporteurs shall present the workshop conclusions in a detailed presentation in the plenary after lunch.



Plenary (Madeira Congress Conference Center)

Presentation by rapporteurs of the 3 workshops followed by a discussion in the plenary about the key information and publicity elements for the next funding period.

16h00– 17h30

3 parallel workshops

Workshop D): Plurifund communications (Plenary room, Madeira Congress Conference Center)
Presentation: Bertrand Millet and Dominique Jeremiasz (ERDF & ESF communication, France) "L'Europe s'engage en France" ppt
Presentation: Juan Carlos Marín, Directorate-General for European Funds and Planning, Junta de Andalucía, Spain; "Andalucía se mueve con Europa"
Moderator: Derville Brennan, Programme Executive, Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly, Ireland
Rapporteur: Iolanda Fernandes, Information and Communication officer, DG REGIO

Workshop E): Interacting with citizens during annual events  (room Caracas, 4th floor)
Presentation: Katrine Solvang Larsen, Head of Section, Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Denmark: "Communicating with young people - the Structural Funds roadshow in Denmark" ppt
Presentation: Sonja Seiser, Communication Officer Phasing-Out programme, Burgenland, Austria: "Linking EU Regional policy projects with positive emotions in Burgenland, Austria"
Moderator: Henrik Josephson, Senior Communication manager, North Sea region programme
Rapporteur: Marie Lambert, Information and Communication Officer, DG REGIO

Workshop F): Different approaches to increasing citizens awareness about EU regional policy (room Cape Town, 5th floor)
Presentation: Maria Dimitrova, Director of the Information and EU Funds Management Systems Directorate, Bulgaria:  “Information Campaign for the Promotion of the Operational Programmes in Bulgaria”:
Presentation: Branka Marković and Nataša Rojšek, Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy, Slovenia, "The Cohesion Fund Campaign in Slovenia"; ppt
Moderator: Judit Szücs, Communication Officer, Hungarian National Development Agency

Rapporteur: Annabelle Maupas , Information and Communication Officer, DG REGIO



Plenary: Presentation of the workshops' discussions by the rapporteurs


Press conference (Commission and hosts)

 Friday, 19 November


Raphaël Goulet; Head of unit, Information and Communication unit, DG Regional Policy

  • OPEN DAYS 2010: report from ETC communication workshop
  • Report from 1st European Conference on Public Communication, Committee of the Regions and Région Wallonie
RegioStars 2012 without communication category?




3 parallel workshops

Workshop G) Creative communication ideas in times of budgetary restrictions (room Caracas, 4th floor):
This workshop will explore ideas how to efficiently communicate EU Regional policy despite budget restrictions.
Presentation: Helen Ojamaa, Ministry of Finance and Martin Miido from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia: “Results from the media campaign EU Structural Assistance in Estonia ppt
Moderator: Richard Holmes, ERDF Communications Manager,Yorkshire Forward, UK
Rapporteur: Annabelle Maupas , Information and Communication Officer, DG REGIO

Workshop H) Organising events: from small events at local level to big national conferences (room Cape Town, 5th floor)
Participants shall share their experience with the organisation of events and conferences of all sizes: when is it better to stay small and local and when does a big conference in the capital make sense. What are the key aspects to consider, especially with a view to getting the desired publicity?
Presentation: Magdalena Dziubek-Grudzinska Poland, "Face to face with the European Funds" ppt
Moderator:  Paulo Emerenciano, Head of the Communication Unit – Financial Institute for Regional Development, Portugal
Rapporteur: Marie Lambert, Information and communication officer, DG REGIO

Workshop I) The review of communication plans for the 2010 Annual Implementation Report (plenary Madeira Congress Conference Center)
Presentation: Henrik Josephson, Senior communication officer, North Sea region programme, “Evaluation as an integrated part of programme implementation”; ppt
Presentation: Kateřina Doležalová, National Coordination Authority, Ministry for Regional Development, Czech Republic: "Evaluation of Communication activities in the Czech Republic" ppt
Moderator: Angeles Gayoso Rico, Ministry of Economy, Spain

Rapporteur: Peter Fischer, Information and Communication officer, DG REGIO


Closing session in the plenary (Madeira Congress Conference Center , room )

  • Presentation of the workshops' discussions by the rapporteurs