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Guidance on evaluation of communication activities

The Spanish Ministry of the Economy and Finance prepared a guidebook for the evaluation of communication plans in Spanish, English and French which can be downloaded from this website: seguimiento y evaluacion

The basis for the successful implementation of the communication plans is the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the various information and publicity measures. Please find below examplary evaluation sheets for some selected information measures. 

Evaluation sheets

DG for Regional Policy prepared a set of evaluation sheets, which can be used as a model to evaluate various types of communication activities, such as publications, events or websites. The sheets are available in 6 languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, ES and PL.


Assessing activities targeting journalists

SHEET 2 Assessing activities targeting the general public
SHEET 3 Assessing the communication plan
SHEET 4 Assessing an event
SHEET 5 Assessing a good practice
SHEET 6 Assessing media coverage
SHEET 7 Assessing publications
SHEET 8 Assessing a publicity campaign
SHEET 9 Assessing a website


Review of EU Cohesion Policy Communication Plans 2007-2013. Activities of national and regional managing authorities in the field of communication.

The study was carried out in the second half of 2008. It is based on a review of a sample of 69 Member State communication plans plus 15 cross-border programmes, as well as a set of interviews with a sample of people responsible for communication activities in the various managing authorities.

It consists of two parts. The first part, an overview, provides findings from the analysis of the communication plans and interviews with communication practitioners. It identifies seven keys to successful communication on Cohesion Policy, such as adaptable communication plans, clearly identified target groups, proactive relations with the media, good internal communication, use of innovative tools, e.g. interactive websites, drawing on lessons learnt from previous programming periods and planning activities targeted to meet regional demands in the regional context.

The second part contains country fiches which describe more in detail provisions for information and publicity actions. A separate fiche is dedicated to the European Territorial Cooperation programmes.

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