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The 30 themes identified in the Staff Working paper that accompanied the Communication in November 2006 were grouped into specific policy fields identified in the Community Strategic Guidelines on CCohesion 2007-2013 as indicated below.

These 30 themes are integrated into the scope of the relevant 2007-2013 programmes for interregional cooperation and cooperation between cities.

The Commission has designated around half of the 30 themes as a priority to be looked at in the first calls for proposals. Because the description of the themes in the staff working paper is rather broad, the Commission has attempted to specify the areas of these designated themes in which it would be particularly interested in developing networks, potentially as fast track networks. The Commission also would like to refer potential partners to existing projects and networks that may inspire them in developing networking projects. Hence for each of the designated themes the Commission has developed a thematic fiche, available below.

  1. Making Europe and its regions more attractive places to invest and work
    1.2 Improving air quality
    1.3 Moving to a low carbon economy
    1.6 Healthy Communities
    1.7 Urban transport
    1.8 Energy efficient housing stock
    1.9 Improving monitoring of environment and security by and for the regions
  2. Improving knowledge and innovation for growth
    2.1 Improving the capacity of regions for research and innovation
    2.2 Bringing innovative ideas to the market more quickly
    2.5 Bringing e-government to regions and businesses
    2.6 Better ICT connections
  3. More and better jobs
    3.3 Meeting the demographic challenge
    3.5 Integrating marginalised youth
    3.6 Managing Migration, facilitating social integration
  4. The territorial dimension of European Cohesion Policy
    4.1 Managing coastal zones
    4.2 Reaping the benefits of the sea
    4.3 Achieving sustainable urban development
    4.4 Re-using brownfield and waste disposal sites





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