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RegioStars – The Awards for Regional Innovative Projects

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RegioStars 2011

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3.9.2010: The deadline for receipt of applications for RegioStars 2011 was 20 July 2010.
A total of 66 applications have been received from 18 countries.
The finalists will be identified and informed by the Jury in February 2011.
The winners will be announced during the Regions for Economic Change conference foreseen for May 2011 in Brussels.

16.7.2010: The RegioStars 2011 Awards were launched in January 2010 at the presentation of RegioStars 2010 finalists. The deadline for receipt of applications is extended until 20 July 2010 at 4 pm.

Award categories

There are five RegioStars Award categories for 2011:

In addition to the Jury award under category 5, the Commission will organise an online public vote on the shortlisted promotional photos. Thereby allowing two awards under this category.

Award criteria

Award criteria for thematic categories 1-4

  1. Innovative character of the project
  2. Impact or expected impact of the project in terms of initial objectives
  3. Expected sustainability of the project: Evidence could include development towards self-financing or demonstration that the project has or will be part of a succession of projects sequentially funded by other EU financial instruments.
  4. Project’s results in enhancing local, regional and interregional partnerships: Evidence could include demonstration that the project was inspired by another region’s project/programme or shared with another region.

Award criteria for category 5 - Information and communication

  1. Quality and visual impact of the photo: it tells the story of the project well, is aesthetic and of high quality. For example, the human dimension of a project is well captured and/or an unusual angle has been chosen.
  2. The project photo has contributed to increasing the visibility of European regional policy: this will be judged based on evidence provided by the applicant. How has the photo been used in communication activities? Did it feature in news articles, or on posters, postcards etc? What messages on regional policy were conveyed? Was it part of a communication strategy? Demonstrate the impact these activities had.
  3. The project description is complete, correct and informative: inter alia, the following elements should be explained: the European dimension of the project; the results of the project, and the contribution of the project to the region's development strategy. If possible, cite the reactions or opinions from a beneficiary.

2011 RegioStars Jury

Ann Mettler Marcello ANTINUCCI Claire NAUWELAERS Werner PAMMINGER Christian KETELS Monica OREVICEANU Zdenka SIMONOVIC Neil Warner

President : Ann Mettler is executive director and co-founder of the Lisbon Council, a Brussels-based, independent, non-partisan think tank and policy network.

Members :

Prof. Christian KETELS (SE) is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Mr Werner PAMMINGER (ÖS) is an experienced executive and senior consultant for a few years.

Ms Claire NAUWELAERS (BE) is a Policy Analyst, working on regional innovation policy within the Regional Competitiveness and Regional Governance Division of OECD.

Ms Monica OREVICEANU (RO) Superior Councillor, DG Territorial Development, Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing

Ms Zdenka SIMONOVIC (HR), member of the Civitas network, Site Manager in Ljubljana, Project Coordinator of ELAN

Mr Marcello ANTINUCCI (IT) Dr. Antinucci, physicist, after 4-years of academic research, spent more than 30 years in industrial research and consulting in renewable energies, energy efficiency, and building energy applications.

Mr Neil Warner (IE) holds the Associateship of the Irish Professional Photographers Association, the Fellowship of the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Fellowship of the British Master Photographers Association.

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