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[10 December 2009] The Regions for Economic Change annual conference will be held on 20-21 May.  Entitled "Regions For Economic Change – Building sustainable growth", the conference will have three main themes:  a) sustainable energy; b) sustainable ICT solutions and c) greening Europe's cities.

The conference will include a high-profile political event with keynote speakers, politicians and practitioners discussing the future of European cohesion policy within the new EU2020 framework.  Specific thematic workshops will examine the challenges, opportunities and policy responses for each of the three main themes of the conference.  Finally, the new Commissioner for Regional Policy will present the prestigious 'RegioStars' awards 2010 to projects displaying good European practice and innovation in regional policy.

Registration for the conference will be possible from mid February onwards. Please check the conference website for details.

[10 December 2009] The international conference on climate change in Copenhagen is the occasion to reiterate the vital role played by Cohesion Policy in this policy area.

There is no shortage of successful projects. One further examples of ongoing projects or ones which have been carried out with European investments is on the "Promotion of renewable energy sources in Burgenland".

The document can be downloaded here.

[16 November 2009] INTERREG IVC: Results of second call application process

On 5 November 2009, the INTERREG IVC Monitoring Committee approved 74 projects out of the 481 applications received.

More details on this announcement and a full list of the projects approved can be found online

Out of the 7 approved capitalisation projects 4 will be labelled as "Fast Track networks": Cradle to Cradle Network (C2C), Implementing Mod (IMMODI), Making Knowledge Work (MKW) and Scanning Innovation Policy Impact (SCINNOPOLI)

[12 November 2009] 2nd Brussels Workshop on the future of European cohesion policy organised by the working group "Regional Policy" of the German Länder at the EU

During this workshop representatives of all German Länder discussed regional policy together with the European Commission across several DG's. The Director General of DG Regio, Dirk Ahner, and the Deputy Director General of DG Regio, Katarina Mathernová, also spoke at the event.

6 of the Länder presented selected good practise examples which are funded by the ERDF. You can download the presentations by Bayern , Berlin , Brandenburg , NRW , Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt by clicking the links.

[20 October 2009] European Capitalisation Conference “Building on Regional policy good practice”, 9-10 December 2009, Gothenburg (Sweden)

This Capitalisation conference has 2 objectives. The first one is to cluster the running Capitalisation projects to identify any possible synergies between projects in the same sub-theme. The second one is to launch the Capitalisation call for projects, and allow potential partners to network, develop projects and attend workshops by theme and by ‘project development process’.

More information can be found on the INTERREG IVC website.

[07 October 2009] Open Days Workshop: Capitalisation and knowledge management for effective European territorial co-operation

At the workshop on capitalisation and knowledge management yesterday URBACT, INTERACT and ERRIN presented their opinion on the exchange of good practices and their utilisation. The slides of the workshop will be soon available on the Open Days website. You can download the info flash for the workshop here:

The presentation of the workshop can be accessed on the Open Days website.

[30 September 2009] Conference proceedings brochure online

The brochure can be downloaded here

[06 August 2009] Interregional Cooperation Projects - First collection brochure available

A brochure summarising the 41 projects approved in the first round of INTERREG IVC funding is now available. This publication details by theme the initiatives undertaken by regional and local authorities to improve their regional development policies.
Each project description is accompanied by contact details of the lead partner, plus a map showing the location of all the project partners.

[15 May 2009] - Call for INTERREG IVC Capitalisation projects to be launched end 2009, Call for Regional Initiative projects in 2010

The INTERREG IVC Monitoring Committee has decided on the perspective for a third call for projects. A two-step package has been agreed upon, with differing dates for Capitalisation projects and Regional Initiative projects.

A call for Capitalisation projects only will be opened at the end of 2009 while a call for Regional Initiative projects will be launched following an analysis at programme level of the approved projects from the first and second calls.

Download the announcement for full details of this decision.

[27 April 2009] URBAMECO and MILE: The URBACT Pilot Fast Track Networks bid farewell

After two years of intense exchange, in May the curtain is closing on the two Pilot Fast Track Networks under the URBACT II programme, MILE and URBAMECO. Four connected celebrations are marking the successful completion of the projects: two final conferences, dedicad tted to the project partners, anwo Open Events linked to the core theme of each network. The latter are sponsored by the URBACT II programme and accessible to all interested parties.

The URBAMECO events (14-15 May 2009), focussing on socio-economic regeneration of deprived areas, will take place in Greater Lyon (France), the city which acted as Lead Partner of the nine-strong group. The closing conference will take place at the Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes; whereas the Open Event "Disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the crisis. How can they contribute to the recovery?" will be held in the Communauté Urbaine de Lyon on the next day.

The MILE events (25-26 May 2009), looking instead at migration and integration at local level, will follow 10 days later in Brussels (Belgium) under the aegis of the network's Lead Partner, the City of Venice (Italy). Both the closing conference on day 1 and the Open Event "Migrants: promoting inclusion during the downturn" on the second day will take place in the Albert Borschette Conference Centre.

The final conferences will provide an opportunity to look back on the exchange work done, to assess the networking process and some of the outcomes achieved, and to have a glimpse into the future of the partner cities by looking at their Local Action Plans for their chosen topics. The URBACT Open Events will expand on the thematic contents of the two networks, with reference to the current downturn and the questions this latter has triggered for European cities and their surrounding regions.

More information and the registration forms for the two open events can be found on the URBACT website.

"Broadband and EU action in the recovery plan" - Turin 2-3 April 2009

The European Commission plan for the EU economic recovery includes a proposal to increase EU spending on broadband investment and the development of an EU Broadband strategy in cooperation with Member States and other relevant players.

The European Commission is now launching the first of at set of actions aimed at opening a wide consultation on issues surrounding the development of the EU broadband strategy and the way this will fit into the future EU ICT policy framework after the current i2010 initiative.

The first of these actions will be an event organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the B3Regions project (Regions for Better Broadband Connection) with the support of the Piemonte Region on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2009 in Turin, Italy.

The main features of this event will be information about the increase in EU spending on broadband and the sharing of broadband good practices between rural and regional development authorities.

The European Broadband portal will accompany the development of the EU broadband strategy through on-line forums for discussion on the main broadband issues and by providing a central point for the exchange of good practices.

Participation: EC officials from relevant Directorates General from the European Commission will take part to the event, as well as representatives from the ICT industry and national telecom regulators on electronic communications and rural, regional and national authorities in charge of broadband deployment as well as other relevant actors

Open Registration

[19 February 2009] Conference presentations and speeches now available online

The presentations and speeches delivered during the two days of the conference "Networking for Results" are now available online on the "Programme" page of the conference website.

Links to the presentations are provided beside the speakers' names.

Videos of the plenary sessions and of selected workshops are now available as well. They are available online on the "Programme" page of the conference website

[19 February 2009] Conference press releases now available online

The press releases for the Regions for Economic Change conference "Networking for Results" and RegioStars 2009 are available online now:

- Press release conference.
- Press release RegioStars 2009

[19 February 2009] URBACT II workshop dedicated to Managing Authorities: Presentation now available online

In order to discuss the cooperation between Managing Authorities and the cities participating in URBACT projects, the European Commission and the URBACT Joint Technical Secretariat jointly hosted as a side event to the Region for Economic Change Conference.

You can access the presentation given during this workshop here:

[17 February 2009] RegioStars 2009 winners

The RegioStars 2009 winners were announced on 16 February 2009 during a formal ceremony as part of the Regions for Economic Change conference. The winners received a trophy awarded by the Commissioner of Regional Policy and the president of the jury.

More information on the winners.

[20 January 2009] New projects have been added under the INTERREG IVC and URBACT II initiatives last year. For a complete overview of the networks please refer to the list of networks which can be found on the web pages of the programmes.

INTERREG IVC projects overview
URBACT II projects overview

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