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[25 November 2008] On 16 and 17 February 2009, the European Commission will hold in Brussels its annual conference of the 'Regions for Economic Change' initiative under the title "Regions For Economic Change – Networking for Results". The event will be organised by the Commission's Regional Policy Directorate General and other Commission services in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions. During the evening of the first day, Commissioner Danuta Hübner will present the 2009 'RegioStars' awards to projects displaying good European practice and innovation in regional policy.

More than 500 participants from regions all over Europe are expected to discuss how European regional policy and its instruments can help regions to learn from one another and translate network outputs into action through mainstream policy and programmes. Through nine workshops, the event will showcase strategies, experiences and projects intended to provide learning and networking opportunities for Structural Funds managing authorities. The programme is accessible on the left hand menu.

Registration for the conference will be possible from early December onwards. Please check the conference website for updates.

[01 November 2008] The European Parliamentt is organising a conference "BEST PRACTICES FOR COHESION - Case studies-Ideas-Projects-Dialogue-Future-Financing-Simplification-Added value-Experiences-Solutions" on 3-4 December 2008 in Brussels.

The key speech is going to be held by Felipe Gonzàlez, Chairman of the reflection group on the future of Europe, Former Prime Minister of Spain. Other speakers are Danuta Hübner, Wolfgang Tiefensee and Constanze Krehl.

Please visit http://www.pes4cohesion.eu for more information and registration.

[27 October 2008] The second call for INTERREG IVC is open from 27 October 2008 to 30 January 2009. The terms of reference for this call is available to download, along with the updated programme manual, in the Application section. Please see the Assistance to applicants page for complete details of upcoming events.

[03 September 2008] The URBACT annual Conference and the Cities Forum will take place on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2008 at the CORUM in Montpellier , in the south of France.

The URBACT annual conference is a time of interactive and educational exchange, plenary sessions and workshops bringing together all the URBACT players and all members of the public interested in its conclusions (urban practitioners, members of parliament, local councilors, researchers, academics, consultancy firms, etc).

[17 July 2008] The European Parliament's Committee on Regional Development (REGI) met in Brussels 16-17 July 2008. During the second day of the committee session on July 17, a public hearing on 'Best Practices in the field of regional policy and obstacles to the use of structural funds' took place. A study on the subject was presented. It included recommendations for the European Parliament to urge the Commission to develop a more methodological approach towards defining good practice projects in Regional Policy.

A report is being drafted by Ms KREHL MEP (PES - DE) and is scheduled to be voted in the REGI committee on 6 November.

[02 July 2008] The summary proceedings of the conference "Sharing Excellence" which took place on 25 and 26 February 2008 are available on the conference page. In 32 pages, the proceedings recall the results of the first RegioStars awards and outline the discussions during the various plenary sessions as well as summaries of the nine workshops. The hard copy of the brochure contains the full set of conference materials, as well as edited video highlights from the plenary sessions.

[01 July 2008] URBACT finally has now seven Thematic Networks which have been given the Fast Track Label by the European Commission.

You can find more details of all seven fast track networks on the URBACT website.

[01 July 2008] A study analysing ERDF co-financed innovative projects is now available on Inforegio. This study was carried out by the consultancy group, Technopolis, and presents 60 case studies which are published on the Regions for Economic Change section of this website. The study also includes ten comparative analyses of projects, and an 'easy-to-use' methodology designed for DG REGIO desk officers - or any analyst in Member States - to apply if undertaking similar case studies.

The main aim of the study was to demonstrate different approaches and common success factors of the innovative projects, as well as to explore and compare characteristics related to their specific regional contexts.

Click here for the study.
The case studies and the methodology for project analysis can be found here.

[18 June 2008] Managing Authorities, the deadline for submitting applications for RegioStars 2009 is approaching fast – 15 July 2008!

Do you have an innovative project that you would like to share as a good practice example?
Is your project in the area of "research, technological development and innovation" or "climate change"? Do you have a radio or television spot that highlights the contribution of Cohesion Policy? If so, please click here for information and an application form.

[15 May 2008] The 2nd EU Interregional Cooperation Forum will take place on 27-28 October 2008 at the Grand Palais in Lille (France). Over 800 national, regional and local authorities are expected to attend, alongside EU institutions.

This partner search event is a key moment for INTERREG IVC project developers to get updated on the programme changes for the second call, to finalise partnerships and to get advice on developing their application.

A website dedicated to this event will be available with programme details, online registration and other useful information.

[06 May 2008] Regions for Economic Change: Decisions on first Fast Track projects 2007-2013

The first package of fully fledged "fast track" network projects under the Regions for Economic Change initiative have been approved for funding by the Monitoring Committees of the INTERREG IVC and Urbact II programmes. During separate meetings at end-April, the two programmes decided as follows: Urbact - 3 fast track networks (HerO, Opencities, UNIC) and the extension of two pilot fast track networks (Mile, Urbameco) from within a package of 24 network projects approved; IVC - 5 fast track networks approved (B3 Regions, ERIK Action, ESF6 CIA, Pike, Rapide) amongst 6 capitalisation projects approved from the first call. These decisions followed the experience with three pilot projects and the first open calls for proposals launched in 2007. More details on all the projects approved by the Committees are available on the two programmes' websites: INTERREG IVC announcement, Urbact announcement.

The fast track under the Regions for Economic Change initiative places an a particular emphasis on transferring good practices into the mainstream cohesion policy programmes, communication and dissemination of results, and active support from the Commission for the work of the network. This map shows the distribution of the network partners in the approved projects. Further fast track networks could be approved in the further treatment of the responses to the first calls and/or in subsequent call for proposals (i.e. INTERREG IVC has announced that a second call will be launched in October 2008).

[21 Avril 2008] Politique de cohésion : 122 analyses de cas de projets d’innovation à destination des innovateurs

Afin d'encourager l'échange d'expériences entre les professionnels du secteur de l'innovation dans les régions et les villes d’Europe, 122 analyses de cas portant sur différents projets cofinancés dans le cadre de la politique de cohésion de l'Union européenne sont maintenant disponibles. Ces analyses de cas englobent les 26 finalistes des RegioStars 2008 et 58 autres cas provenant des programmes 2000-2006 au titre de l’Objectif 1 et de l’Objectif 2. Ces nouvelles études de projets viennent compléter les 38 cas relevant des programmes d'innovation régionaux 2000-2006 déjà publiés en 2007. Les études de cas présentent les objectifs et les activités des projets, le contexte stratégique, les éléments innovants, les partenaires, les obstacles en matière de conception ou d’exécution, les méthodes pour la résolution des problèmes, les résultats et les enseignements tirés.

Etudes de cas

[27 février 2008] Discours et présentations maintenant disponibles en ligne

Les présentations et les discours prononcés pendant les deux journées de conférence sont maintenant disponibles en ligne, intégrés au "Programme" sur ce site.

Les liens renvoyant aux différents discours et présentations se trouvent à côté des noms des intervenants, tandis que des icones renvoyant vers les fichiers en format .zip qui recueillent les présentations atelier par atelier se trouvent à côté des titres des ateliers mêmes.

[25 février 2008] RegioStars: un prix qui récompense les projets les plus innovants des régions d’Europe

Ce soir, cinq régions de l’UE - Alsace, Øresund, Wales, West Midlands et Yorkshire et Humber - occuperont le devant de la scène européenne en tant que lauréates du premier prix RegioStars récompensant des projets régionaux innovants. Danuta Hübner, Commissaire chargée de la politique régionale, et Pasqual Maragall i Mira, ancien président de la Catalogne et président du jury, remettront leur prix à des projets favorisant le développement durable et l’économie de la connaissance au sein des régions. La remise des prix aura lieu à Bruxelles, à l’occasion d’une conférence de deux jours intitulée «Les régions, actrices du changement économique – Partager l'excellence».

Communiqué de presse

[25-26/02/2008] La Commissaire chargée de la Politique Régionale et le nouveau Président du Comité des Régions ont conjointement ouvert la conférence "Partager l'Excellence", dans le cadre de l'initiative "Les régions, actrices du changement économique", qui invite les participants venus des quatre coins d'Europe à engager le débat et illustrer les atouts offerts par l'apprentissage les uns des autres, à travers le partage des connaissances et des pratiques générales au sein de réseaux. Dans leurs discours, la Commissaire Hübner [EN] et le Président Van den Brande [EN] ont plaidé pour un travail commun et partagé à tous les niveaux dans la promotion de l'innovation et la transformation des bonnes idées en résultats concrets. Suite aux deux journées d'échange intense, ainsi synthétisées [EN] par le Directeur-Général de la DG Politique Régionale, Mr. Ahner, la Commissaire Hübner a clôturé les travaux de la conférence en jetant un regard [EN] sur le futur de l'initiative "Les régions, actrices du changement économique" et de la Politique de Cohésion plus en général.

[22/02/2008] Danuta Hübner, Commissioner for Regional Policy, will on Monday welcome over 600 participants to a conference in Brussels entitled: 'Regions for Economic Change - Sharing excellence'. Co-organised with the Committee of the Regions, the two-day event will give participants from regions all over the EU the opportunity to learn from one another. They will share ideas on how best to support sustainable development and promote competitiveness through EU regional policy instruments.

Website of the conference.

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