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[18/12/2007] The second annual conference under Regions for Economic Change - "Regions For Economic Change – Sharing Excellence" will take place in Brussels on 25 – 26 February. The conference website is open today.

[24/11/2007] Commissioner Hübner made a speech on "Delivering innovation through Cohesion Policy" to the Informal meeting of regional policy ministers in the Azores. Her intervention was supported by a working document analysing how planned EU spending on innovation has increased to EUR 85 billion - a sum equivalent to 25% of the total new envelope for the 27 Member States. This value is more than 3 times higher than in 2000-2006. In her speech the Commissioner emphasised the role of networking in spreading good practice and that the positive results of the programming phase require the commitment of all partners for successful delivery.

[5-6/11/2007] The URBACT II programme was launched at the urban conference held in Berlin. The URBACT II programme was adopted by the European Commission on 2/10/2007. URBACT II will continue to promote the exchange of experiences between cities and European actors involved in urban programmes under URBACT (2000-06). The plans for the first call for proposals were presented at Berlin. The details of the call are planned to be published on the URBACT II website by end November.

[21/09/2007] The Portuguese Presidency of the European Union hosted the launch conference of the new 2007-2013 interregional cooperation programme, adopted by the European Commission on 11 September. The new programme (often abbreviated to "Interreg IVC") is a key element in “Regions for Economic Change” initiative and will receive funding of 321 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The first call for projects was opened with public authorities have until mid-January 2008 to respond. Press release

[19/09/2007] Commissioner Hübner intervened in the conference "Clusters Linked Over Europe: A European Network of Excellence for Cluster Management, Matching and Promotion" organised by the Cloe network a Regions for Economic Change Pilot Fast Track project under the Interreg IIIC programme. In her remarks she underlined the reasons why the Commission was happy to become engaged in the work of the networks and explained the value of the pilot network as a learning opportunity to test the Fast Track concept.

[31/08/2007] Le 20-21 Septembre 2007 à Lisbonne, aura lieu un Forum de Coopération Interrégionale. Le Forum marquera le lancement de INTERREG IVC, le nouveau programme de coopération interrégionale, et montrera de quelle manière INTERREG IIIC a déjà permis d'aider des Régions d'Europe à travailler ensemble et à améliorer le développement régional. Le Forum réunira 800 représentants des organisations locales, régionales et nationales, du Parlement européen et du Comité des Régions. Il les aidera à promouvoir des idées pour de nouveaux projets, et leur permettra d'en apprendre d'avantage sur le programme INTERREG IVC et sur ses opportunités de financement. Mme Danuta Hübner accueillera l'événement ainsi que M Francisco Nunes Correia, Ministre Portugais de l'environnement, d'aménagement du territoire et du développement régional.

[13/07/2007] Le délai de RegioStars est prolongé jusqu'au 28 septembre 2007.
Suite à la demande de la Commissaire, Madame Hübner, nous prolongeons le délai de RegioStars afin de permettre aux Etats membres et aux régions qui négociaient leurs programmes opérationnels l'occasion de nous envoyer leurs projets innovants.

Pour toute information supplémentaire veuillez contacter regio-stars@ec.europa.eu ou téléphonez sur +32 2 2953893.

[5/07/2007] Commissioner Hübner delivered an address "Regions for Economic Change: Striving For Excellence" - at a seminar "Beyond Best Practice: Taking New Knowledge Rapidly to the Market" in Cornwall, South West England. In her address the Commissioner outlined the next steps leading the launch of the INTERREG IVC and URBACT II programmes and to the identification of fast track networks. Further details of the 15 themes to be prioritised in the first call for proposals in autumn 2007 and of the assessment questions to be used to identify fast track projects are available : "letter to INTERREG IV C" - "Assessment questions"

[8/06/2007] The Committee of the Regions has adopted an opinion in support of the Regions For Economic Change initiative.  The opinion prepared by Mr Ancisi states that "the initiative will provide a catalyst for good ideas that can make local and regional development schemes more effective"It calls on the Commission to be more transparent in relation to the implementation of the initiative and to ensure that regions and cities both have access to the Interreg IVC and Urbact II programmes.  Commissioner Hübner spoke about the 4th Cohesion Report and Regions for Economic Change at the plenary session during which the opnion was adopted.

[4 June 2007] CLOE has been approved by the IIIC West Monitoring committee as a pilot project of the Regions for Economic Change initiative under the theme 'bringing innovative ideas quicker to the market'. The work programme, calendar and budget of the existing project have been amended in order to carry out capitalisation activities, include new partners from the new Member States and create deep delegations involving managing authorities and other decision-makers.

CLOE will in the near future develop on its web site a space for 'CLOE: the pilot project of Regions for Economic Change'.

[30/04/2007] The draft operational programme for Interreg IVC has been published by the secretariat on its website following formal submission to the Commission after a final consultation round within the Programming Committee ending in April. It incorporates the fast track option described in the Regions for Economic Change communication: see in particular sections 4.4 and 6.2. Link:

[24/04/2007] The summary proceedings of the conference "Regional Policy Responses to Demographic Challenges" on 25 and 26 January have been published and uploaded to the conference sources page. In 28 pages, the proceedings outline the discussions during the various plenary sessions as well as summaries of the nine workshops dealing with different aspects of the demographic challenge.  The hard copy of the brochure contains the full set of conference materials as well as edited video highlights from the plenary sessions.

[21/03/2007] Approval in principle of a pilot network under Interreg IIIC

During March 2007 the Member States in the IIIC West Monitoring committee agreed in principle to use the CLOE project as a potential pilot capitalisation network. The Programme technical secretariat and the lead partner are now preparing a detailed proposal for a limited extension of this network until spring 2008. A final decision will be taken by the Monitoring Committee based on the work programme.

The aim of the Interreg III C Project "Clusters Linked Over Europe – CLOE" is to exchange experience and information concerning the management and development of successful clusters. 

Reflecting the planned role of regions in creating networks under the fast track option 2007-2013 the project itself has approached potential new partners to expand their network and are finalising proposals to test other elements of the fast track option (mainstreaming, action plans, etc.)

[15/03/2007] The draft operational programme for URBACT II has been published by the secretariat on its website following a monitoring committee meeting on 15 March. It contains proposals approved by the Member States for the incorporation of the fast track option described in the Regions for Economic Change communication

Also at that meeting of the monitoring committee it was agreed in principle to use the REGENERA and UDIEX projects as potential pilot capitalisation networks. The Programme technical secretariat and the lead partners were invited to prepare detailed proposals for a limited extension of these two networks. A final decision will be taken by the Monitoring Committee based on the work programmes.

[8/3/2007] La commissaire à la politique régionale, Danuta Hübner, a lancé "RegioStars 2008", le nouveau prix annuel destiné aux projets innovants dans le domaine du développement régional. Lien:

En même temps la commissaire à ouvert un nouveax page internet prèsentant des études de cas des projets innovateurs de la période 2000-2006.

[7/3/2007] La commissaire de la politique régionale, Danuta Hübner, a ouvert à Bruxelles la conférence "Renforcer la compétitivité par des technologies et produits innovants et par la qualité de vie des communautés", la première conférence annuelle "Les régions, actrices du changement économique" Lien:

[06 février 2007] "Renforcer la compétitivité par des technologies et produits innovants et des communautés prospères" est le titre de la conférence organisée à Bruxelles, les 7 et 8 mars 2007, par la Direction générale Politique régionale, d'autres services de la Commission européenne et la région française de Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur en collaboration avec le Comité des Régions.

Pour en savoir plus

[23 janvier 2007] "Les réponses de la politique régionale aux défis démographiques": ainsi s'intitule la deuxième conférence de la série "Les régions, actrices du changement économique", organisée par la Direction générale Politique régionale de la Commission européenne. L'événement aura lieu à Bruxelles les 25 et 26 janvier, dans le bâtiment Charlemagne. Quelque 500 participants des régions de toute l'Europe y sont attendus pour débattre de la manière dont la politique régionale européenne et ses instruments peuvent permettre aux régions de répondre aux défis démographiques et tirer le meilleur parti des opportunités que comporte l'évolution démographique.

La brochure est disponible en

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