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Consultation: Guidelines on criteria and modalities of implementation of Structural Funds in support of electronic communications

Endorsed by the European Council in March 2003 in Corfu asking to set out guidelines on “criteria and modalities of implementation of Structural Funds in support of the electronic communications sector, especially for broadband, in particular in rural and remote areas of geographic isolation and low population density", the European Commission presented a first draft of these guidelines in June and requested the public to comment on these by 5 July. Some 45 contributions from regional and national authorities, operators and industry were received. The guidelines were adopted on 25 July 2003.

Eligible regions under the European Regional Development Fund who wish to co-finance investments through structural funds in the electronic communications sector might use these guidelines for the appraisal and selection of their projects. They are without prejudice to any guidelines or Communication that the Commission could adopt concerning the applicability of the state aid rules to Services of General Economic Interest.
Under structural funds, the selection of projects within EU regional programmes is driven by decentralised management where the decisions on projects to be co-financed are taken by the programme partnership, i.e. a range of public and private bodies which contribute to the realisation of programme goals.

Text of the guidelines

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Contributions received within the framework of the consulation


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