Territorial Cooperation and Territorial Cohesion

Seminar - Brussels 25 September 2009



It was felt that the more than 390 answers to the Green Paper on Territorial Cohesion, which are for many of them of great quality, deserved further in-depth scrutiny: many consist not only of expectations about provisions to be taken by the Commission for the future policy, but also present their region or territory, convey their concepts and practices to the EU level and propose ideas about what is or should be done at different territorial levels (local, regional, national, European).

The Green Paper has presented territorial cooperation at the core of territorial cohesion, with one of the 6 questions devoted to this dimension (cf. yellow box). A majority of contributions, including several coming from cross border regions or transnational partnerships, have confirmed the added value of territorial cooperation.

Herein lays the rationale for this seminar devoted to the cross-border, transnational and interregional strands of territorial cooperation. It is organised in the context of the Green Paper process and, at the same time, in the framework of the Sub-Committee of the Committee for the Coordination of the Funds dealing with Territorial Cohesion and Urban Matters, gathering experts from all EU Member States.

The general purpose is to take stock of contributions to the Green Paper in the field of territorial cooperation:

The discussion may concern possible improvements within the present programming period, new policy developments as for the Baltic Sea Strategy, and ideas for the future policy. With regards to this latter, it is made clear that this seminar is in no ways meant as a step in the negotiations on the future policy, but rather an exchange of ideas and a constructive discussion among informed stakeholders.