Registration closed

Due to capacity restrictions in the European Commission Conference Centre Charlemagne the Commission reserves the right to allocate the participants to the workshops according to the available places (only applies to conference modules 1 and 3).

For the policy forum and the RegioStars awards (conference module 2) no capacity restrictions apply.

Participants will receive an email confirming their registration and their selection of workshops. Participants will only be officially registered once they have received this confirmation from the Commission.

Check-in during the conference

On the conference days (20-21 May) the participants will receive their access badges and the conference documentation at either location (Charlemagne or Square). Welcome desks will be available at the Charlemagne and Square meeting centre. You will need to collect your conference badge only once during the conference. Once you have received your conference badge you can access both conference locations.


















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Regional Policy Inforegio Website
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