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Draft Conclusions

  • Part I : Smart Growth Opening Session (23/6) - Smart Growth Panel (23/6)
  • Part II: Thematic Workshops (23/6)
  • Part III : Sustainable Growth Opening Session (24/6) - Thematic Workshops (24/6)

Thursday, 23 June 2011 - Smart growth in cities and regions

Venue: Charlemagne Conference Centre, Rue de la loi 170, 1049 Brussels

Welcome and scene setting

08:30 Registration and welcome coffee


Welcome: Rudolf NIESSLER, Director, Policy Coordination, DG REGIO


Opening Address: Dirk AHNER, Director General for Regional Policy


Key-note I: Ann METTLER, CEO of Lisbon Council, President of the Regio Stars Jury Animated Presentation

Policy Learning Session I (Plenary):
Smart Specialisation for smart growth

10.00 Session Moderator: Luc VAN DEN BRANDE, former CoR President, Advisor to Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes Hahn, former President of the Committee of the Regions


Key-note II: Prof. Dominique FORAY, Chair in Economics Management and Innovation, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Coffee Break


Smart specialisation – what does it mean for the regions?

Input presentation: John BENSTED-SMITH, Director, Joint Research Centre IPTS (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies), Seville


  • Judith MERKIES, Member of European Parliament, Rapporteur on the Innovation
  • Andrej HORVAT, State Secretary in the Prime Ministers Office of Slovenia (Regional Development, European Affairs)
  • Christophe CASTANER, Vice-Président de la Région Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur (Employment, Regional Development, Higher Education, Research and Innovation)
  • Jeannette BALJEU, Vice-Mayor, City of Rotterdam (Port, Transport, Regional Development)
  • Christian KETELS, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, Stockholm School of Economics, RegioStars Jury Member
  • Claire NAUWELAERS, Regional Competitiveness and Regional Governance Division, OECD, RegioStars Jury Member


Official launch of the European Commission's "Smart Specialisation Platform" by Dirk AHNER, Director General for Regional Policy and Dominique RISTORI, JRC Director General.


Lunch Break

Policy Learning Session II: Tools and networks for smart growth in cities and regions - How to benchmark yourself and learn from thematic good practice?

14.30 – 18.00




Smart specialisation requires strategic intelligence and insights into a region's assets and innovation potential. This session will present and discuss key tools for regions. It will further discuss and highlight the skills dimension of smart specialisation and the role of universities in successful regional innovation systems.

Embedding regions and their innovation operators in intra- and interregional networks and open innovation platforms is key for stimulating cooperation and policy learning. This session will present key initiatives and discuss progress, challenges and bottlenecks for successful networking and policy learning.

Faced with strong global competition Europe's cities increasingly focus on creating the frameworks for innovation to happen. To benefit from smart growth Europe's cities and metropolitan areas must develop smart strategies and put in place and/or improve the necessary infrastructure and links. Strategies and actions in both areas will be the focus of the workshop.

14.30- 16.00

(1.1) Benchmarking and Smart Specialisation

Moderator: Katja REPPEL, Acting HoU, DG ENTR, Industrial Innovation

(2.1) Clusters and Competence Centers

Moderator: Mikel LANDABASO, HoU, DG REGIO, Innovation Unit

(3.1) Cities of Excellence

Moderator: Wladyslaw PISKORZ, HoU, DG REGIO, Urban development, territorial cohesion

Jacek WALENDOWSKI, Senior Consultant, Technopolis: Regional Innovation Monitor and  Scoreboard
Philip VANRIE, CEO, European Business Network and Innovation Centre Network: 'Entrepreneurial discovery' and the interaction between global value chains and regional innovation systems
Jan LAROSSE, Policy Advisor, Flemish Government, Department Economy, Science and Innovation : Spearheads and breakthroughs in Flanders
Cernin MARTINEZ YOLDI, Director General of Economic Policy, Government of Navarra, Project Manager, Navarra Innovation Agency: Macro- and micro-specialisations in Navarra  and the quest for talent
Thomas MEISSNER, Head of Department, Transport and Mobility, Innovationsagentur Berlin : The Joint Innovation/Smart Specialisation strategy of Berlin and Brandenburg

Q+As and panel debate

Dimitri CORPAKIS, Head of Unit, DG RTD, Regional dimension of innovation: Role of clusters and competence centers in smart specialisation
Carsten SCHIERENBECK, Policy Officer, DG ENTR: Cluster excellence and the transformative power of service innovation
Alois GEISSLHOFER, Cluster Manager, Lower Austria: The Green Building Cluster (RegioStars Finalist 2011)
Staffan BJURULF, Regional Advisor, Mid-Sweden: The Slim cluster development project and approach (RegioStars 2011 Finalist)
Vesa HARMAAKORPI, Professor, Lapeenranta University of Technology/Lahti School of Innovation: Practice-based innovation and clusters in South Finland

Q+As and panel debate

Sako MUSTERD, Professor Amsterdam University, Institute for Social Science Research: Using pathways, places and personal networks to shape smart urban growth
Bror SALMELIN, Advisor, DG INFSO: The critical role of cities in making the Digital Agenda a reality
Filip MEURIS, Project Director, Intercommunale Leiedal, Kortrijk: The SMART Cities project to develop and deliver better e-services to citizens and businesses in the North Sea Region

Q&As and panel debate

16.00 – 16.30




16.30 – 18.00

(1.2) Knowledge-triangle approaches

Moderator: Peter BAUR, Deputy HoU, DG EAC, EIT and economic partnerships

(2.2) Interregional Networks

Moderator: Claus SCHULTZE, Policy Analyst, DG REGIO, Innovation Unit

(3.2) Smart Interconnections

Moderator: Alexander FERSTL, Programme Manager, DG REGIO, Urban development, territorial cohesion

Francesco FERRERO, Technology Transfer Manager, Head of Innovation Front End, ISMB, Torino: HEIs, Research Centres and Companies for regional development – The case of Piemonte.
John GODDARD Emeritus Professor of Regional Development Studies, Newcastle University: The role of universities in regional innovation
Gernot KLOTZ, Executive Director Research and Innovation, CEFIC AISBL (European Chemical Industry Council): Key enabling technologies and skills for globally competitive clusters
Sue BROWNLOW, Director, Combined Universities in Cornwall: The case of Cornwall: Structural funds investment in higher education

Panel debate and conclusions

Christian SAUBLENS, Director, EURADA: From exchange of experience to capitalisation and mutual learning - Quiz pdf
Richard TUFFS, Director, ERRIN : The Regions for Economic Change 'Making Knowledge Work' Fast Track project
Stefan WEIERS, Policy Officer, DG RTD, Regional dimension of Innovation: The Regions of Knowledge experience
Sylvia SCHREIBER, Director, Stuttgart Region European Office: Innovation eco-systems: Capacity Building with the Regions of Knowledge method

Panel debate and conclusions

Stephane OUAI, Policy Officer, Acting Director, DG MOVE: TEN-T for greater territorial cohesion and competitiveness: why urban interconnections are vital for the European Union
Tomasz KOMORNICKI, Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization : Smart interconnections and urban growth - the Polish case
Christian SVANFELDT, Policy Officer, DG REGIO, Urban Unit: Outcomes of the Cities of Tomorrow study


Venue: Palais des Beaux Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, Brussels

19.00 – 20.00

Scene setting: Ann METTLER, President of the Jury

Key-note: Regional Policy Commissioner Johannes HAHN

Awards ceremony (supported by multi-media presentation):

  • Category 1: Networking and cluster initiatives
  • Category 2: Anticipating economic change
  • Category 3: Energy efficient buildings
  • Category 4: Integrated, clean urban transport
  • Category 5: Promotional photo/visualizing a projec

20.00 – 23.00

Networking reception

Friday 24 June 2011 - Sustainable growth in cities and regions

Venue: Charlemagne Conference Centre, Rue de la loi 170, 1049 Brussels

Welcome and scene setting


Welcome:Nicholas MARTYN, Deputy Director General, DG REGIO

Policy Learning Session III: Investing Structural Funds for sustainable growth in cities and regions – How to make best use of the available budgets and prepare the future programmes?


Key-note I: Cristina MARTINEZ-FERNANDEZ, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD LEED Programme (Local Economic and Employment Development) Marissa PLOUIN, Urban Policy Analyst Consultant, OECD Urban Development Programme: The OECD "Green Growth Strategy": implications for skills and employment and the Green Cities Programme


Kevin MORGAN, Cardiff University: The way forward to boost sustainable growth in cities and regions


Open debate


Coffee Break

Policy Learning Session IV (Break Out Sessions): Tools and networks for sustainable growth in cities and regions - How to learn from thematic good practice?

11.15 – 13.00




Moderator: Gilles VINCENT, Deputy HoU, Environment and Industry, DG ENV

Some 17% of the GDP in Europe, i.e. around €2 trillion go every year into public procurement. In this framework regions and cities could further tap into the opportunities of Green Public Procurement and Innovative Procurement to boost sustainable growth. The workshop will explore the challenges and opportunities related to green public procurement and its innovation potential at the level of regional and city development.

Moderator: Claudia OLAZABAL, Deputy HoU, Biodiversity, DG ENV

Preserving natural resources, and biodiversity is crucial not only to protect and/or restore the natural environment but also to deliver social and economic benefits to regions and communities. The workshop will highlight the related potential of 'Green Infrastructure' projects and 'ecosystem based adaptation'. Both themes could play an important role in the future EU funding for sustainable growth under the SF. The workshop will specifically highlight the importance of networks in this area.

Moderator: Elisa ROLLER, Deputy HoU, Conception, forward studies, impact assessment, DG REGIO

Resource-efficient urban transport and energy-efficiency are key pillars of sustainable growth strategies in cities.

These require cities and metropolitan regions to re-think many of their existing policies and to develop more holistic strategies. This workshop will look at new European initiatives in the field and discuss them in the context of local actions.

Bertrand WERT, Policy Officer, DG ENTR: Procurement of Innovative Solutions ppt
Eva PERSY, Department for Environmental Protection, City of Vienna: Green Public Procurement in Vienna - lessons learned
Marjana DERMELJ, Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Affairs: GPP and Resource Efficiency in Slovenia
Peter DEFRANCESCHI, ICLEI Brussels Representative: ICLEI practice and Procura+ quality label
Marco GLISONI, Environmental Protection Agency of Piemonte: Integrating green purchasing into normal practice of public administrations

Koen DELANGHE, Policy Officer, DG CLIMA: The role of local and regional authorities in 'ecosystem based adaptation'
Mathieu FICHTER, DG REGIO, Horizontal Coordination/Innovation – Sustainable Growth Team: Ecosystem services supporting regional development
Peter TORKLER, WWF Germany,  Investing in Green Infrastructure and ecosystems through Cohesion Policy: good practices from the 'Surf-Nature' project
Diane SMITH, European & Corporate Affairs Manager, Town and Country Planning Association, London: Learning from the 'Grabs' project on Green Infrastructure for adaptation to climate change in cities
Alain CHABROLLE, Vice President, Rhone-Alpes Regional Council: Developing ecological corridors with the ERDF

Pedro BALLESTEROS TORRES, Director, DG ENER, Renewable energy, energy efficiency and innovation: Why cities matter? - Energy efficiency and renewable energies in cities
Alex CONWAY, European Programmes Director, London Development Agency: London Green Fund
Joost BRINKMAN, Project Manager, City of Amsterdam: Amsterdam Smart City project (RegioStars 2011 Finalist)
Monique VAN WORTEL, Policy Officer, DG MOVE:, Clean urban transport for a cleaner and greener Europe – How urban mobility contribute to EU sustainability goals.
Matthew NOON, Westminster City Council, EVUE project manager: EVUE network for promoting electric vehicles in integrated mobility strategies.

Panel debate and conclusions


Networking Lunch


End of event


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