Practical information

Date and time

Monday 16 February 2009 from 14.00 to 17.30 and Tuesday 17 February from 09.15 to 17.00.

Conference Venue

European Commission
Conference Centre "Charlemagne"
Rue de la Loi 170
B-1040 Brussels
Access map and directions to the Charlemagne

Welcome Desk

A welcome desk will be available for participants on 16 February 2009 from 12.00 until the end of the conference.


There are no registration fees for this conference.


The European Commission invites participants to a buffet lunch on 17 February at the conference venue.

Dinner & RegioStars Awards

Participants will be invited to a walking dinner during which the RegioStars will be awarded to the winners.

Venue to be confirmed at a later stage.

Hotel accommodation

Participants are kindly requested to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. The European Commission will not reimburse these expenses.

However, to assist participants, a number of hotel rooms have been pre-selected.

Resotel has been appointed by the organizing committee to assist you with your hotel reservations.

RESOTEL is a free independent hotel reservation services working with a various range of hotels at very competitive conditions. Click on this: to be connected with the on-line booking system for the participants and to consult the selected hotels. Should the hotel(s) selected not meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Resotel.  They will be glad to suggest you other hotels in different categories.

RESOTEL can be contacted at :
6, avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse
1160 Brussels - Belgium
Tel. + 32 (0)2 777 01 58
Fax + 32 (0)2 779 39 00


The plenary sessions together with workshops 1B, 2A and 3A will have simultaneous interpretation from/to:
FR / DE / EN / IT / ES / NL / PT / EL / PL / CS and from HU and will be webstreamed.

The other workshops will have simultaneaous interpretation from/to: FR / DE / EN / IT / ES


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Regional Policy Inforegio Website
Lisbon Monitoring Platform
Interreg IVC