This conference purpose is to network and to exchange good practices for pursuing the implementation of the Lisbon strategy at regional level through cohesion instruments. In particular, the event will showcase examples of good practice and governance in European regional policy.

In nine workshops and in the different plenary sessions, politicians, academics and experts will debate strategies, experiences and projects around the process of cooperation and learning, in order to provide partners with practical examples of how they can cooperate and learn from one another as they start to implement the 2007-2013 programmes.

On the evening of 16th February, Ms. Danuta Hübner, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, will present the 2009 'RegioStars' awards which aim at seeking and disseminating good practice in European regional development.

The conference will also include the launch of the 2010 'RegioStars' awards.

An outline conference programme is available. The detailed programme will follow in December. Registrations for the conference will be possible from mid December onwards.

More than 500 participants from regions all over Europe are expected to discuss how European regional policy and its instruments can help regions to learn from one another and translate the outputs of networking programmes into action through mainstream policy and programmes. The event will address representatives of:

  • national, regional and local administrations;
  • Structural Funds managing authorities and implementing bodies;
  • businesses organisations, banks and SMEs;
  • networks and associations;
  • universities, research and consultancy organisations;
  • regional media;
  • EU institutions

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for several EU official languages.
The available languages will be published on the website two weeks before the event.




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