"New Methods for Cohesion Policy Evaluation : Promoting Accountability and Learning"

Conference in Warsaw, 30 November / 1 December 2009

The consistent message running through the conference from Commissioner Samecki's opening speech to the closing remarks by Danuta Hübner, MEP and chair of the European Parliament's regional policy committee, was the need for evaluation to provide credible evidence on the performance of Cohesion Policy

500 people participated – policy makers, managing authorities, evaluators and academics.  8 workshops dealt with a range of evaluation themes and methods.  25 papers were delivered by a range of evaluators, academics and practitioners. 

Some key messages:

Following the conference the DG for Regional Policy will:

Conference Programme pdf en

Press Release

Speeches and Presentations

Opening Speech by Minister Elżbieta Bieńkowskah

Opening Speech by Commissioner Paweł Samecki

Key note speech by Prof. Murray Saunders, President of the European Evaluation Society and Director of the Centre for the Study of Education and Training, Lancaster University : "Capturing Effects of Interventions, Policies and Programmes" : Presentation ppt - Paper


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Workshop 1: Rigorous impact evaluation using counterfactuals

Alberto Martini (Director of Progetto Valutazione – the association for better evaluation and analysis of public policy), "Making impact evaluations more "rigorous" through the use of counterfactual methods"ppt - Paper

Gerhard Untiedt (GEFRA – Society for regional economic analysis), "Impact evaluation and counterfactuals in practice: the case of Structural Funds support for enterprise" ppt - Paper

Kaspar Richter (World Bank), "Making impact evaluation happen - operational experience from the World Bank" pptx

Daniele Bondonio - Paper


Workshop 2: Major projects: incentives for better performance and acountability

Hugh Kelly (RGL, London), "Cost and time estimates of major projects – bottom up approach and project class forecasting"ppt - Paper

Krzysztof Kasprzyk (Ministry of Regional Development, Poland), "Interaction of national and EC guidelines on CBA - common misunderstandings in their application and potential for improvement" ppt

Massimo Florio (CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies, Milan), "Getting incentives right - do we need ex post CBA?" ppt - Paper


Workshop 3: Revealing the causal chain

Petri Uusikylä (Net Effect Ltd., Finland), "Making sound judgements about the effects of public policies: how to explore the missing links between cause and effect?" : Presentation pdf - Paper

Karol Olejniczak (Centre for European Regional and Local Studies, Warsaw University, Poland), "Theory driven evaluation: tracing links between assumptions and effects" : Presentation pptx - Paper

André Martinuzzi (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria), "Systems constellations in theory based evaluations – tools and experiences" pdf - Paper



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Workshop 4: Innovative methods for evaluating Innovation

Alasdair Reid (Technopolis Group), "Measuring up: evaluating the effects of innovation support in Structural Funds programmes" pdf - Paper

Staffan Bjurulf (Regional Adviser in Region Värmland, Sweden), "Do public intervention for innovation hit their targets? Evaluating cluster organisations in Northern Central Sweden" ppt - Paper

John Barber (former Director of Technology Economics, Statistics & Evaluation in the UK Department of Trade & Industry), "What lessons can evaluation of support for Innovation under ERDF learn from experience of National Innovation Policies?" ppt - Paper


Workshop 5: Macroeconomic models: the regional challenge

Philippe Monfort (Economic Analysis Unit, DG Regional Policy) / Janusz Zaleski (Warr/HERMIN), "Fundamental Features of the Cohesion System of Hermin Models (CHSM) and Regionalisation: an exciting new development for HERMIN" ppt - Paper

Jan in't Veld (Quest/ DG Economic and Financial Affairs), "Modelling Cohesion Policy with endogenous growth: the new QUEST III" ppt - Paper

Angel de la Fuente (Spanish Institute of Economic Analysis), "Testing, not modelling impacts: an example from the Spanish regions" pdf - Paper


Workshop 6: Telling the story: using case studies

Harvey Armstrong, University of Sheffield :"Telling the story: using case studies" pptx - Paper

Veronica Gaffey, Head of Evaluation at DG Regional Policy, “Case studies in the framework of ex post evaluation, 2000-2006: expectations of DG Regional Policyppt - Paper

Julie Pellegrin (CSIL, Italy), “What lessons to draw from multiple regional case studies: between comparability and specificityppt - Paper

Thomas Stumm, (EureConsult S.A. Luxembourg), “Practical experiences gained from carrying out case studies in relation to different policy themes and/or overall context settingsppt - Paper


Workshop 7: Indicators: Linking outputs, results and impacts

Emmanuel Jaeck, Midi-Pyrénées, "Key factors of a quantitative indicator system" ppt en fr - Paper

Lee Mizell (OECD): "Linking regions and central governments:  Indicators for performance-based regional development policy"ppsx

William P. Kittredge (Director) US Department of Commerce: "Developing a Portfolio Innovation Index: Beyond Patents to Economic Well-Being" ppt


Workshop 8: GDP, sustainable development, intellectual capital: what really counts?

Terry Ward (Applica, Belgium), "GDP per head as an indicator of regional performance – the need for a change?" ppt - Paper

Fritz Hinterberger (Sustainable Europe Research Institute - SERI, Vienna, Austria), "Sustainable development – a concept developed enough to guide Cohesion policy programmes?" ppt - Paper

Krzysztof Rybinski (Warsaw School of Economics, Ernst&Young, Poland), "Increasing intellectual capital: can this objective guide our policy development and how can it be measured?" ppt - Paper


Round table