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Roma Inclusion and Regional Policy - Pilot project for Roma Inclusion

The EU outreach to the Roma people

With a population of over 10 million, the Roma community is Europe’s largest transnational minority. They are often the victims of racial and social discrimination without equal access to education, employment, housing and healthcare services. In recent years the Roma issue has become an important issue on the agenda of the European Union, and in many of its Member countries.

The EU’s cohesion policy complements the broader European policy agenda of non-discrimination and social inclusion, by co-financing a range of projects to support Roma inclusion.

Action taken in the area of regional policy includes:

  • Investments through mainstream programmes in social inclusion activities under the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and the ESF (European Social Fund) which can benefit Roma;
  • Ongoing bilateral discussions between the European Commission and European Union countries to see how EU funding can be used most effectively to promote Roma inclusion.
  • The introduction of new opportunities to improve housing for marginalised groups, including Roma, as part of amendments to the European Regional Development Fund Regulation agreed in May 2010
  • The launch in 2009 of a pilot project 'Pan-European Coordination of Roma Integration Methods - Roma Inclusion'

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