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Reform of Europe's Public Administration

Reform of Europe's Public Administration

On these web pages, you will find details of the most radical internal modernisation since the European Commission was established in 1958. One of the top priorities of the previous Commission (1999-2004), was to equip the institution with a modern and effective European civil service that was able to meet the major challenges facing the Union n.

Over the past five years, the Commission and its staff have been engaged in the task of overhauling the administrative systems and procedures, the management of financial and human resources, and the way in which it plans and programmes its activities. The aim throughout has been to create a modern and efficient public administration based on the principles of efficiency, transparency and accountability.

On 1st May 2004, the new Staff Regulations entered into force, completing a far-reaching modernisation of the Commission’s human resource policy. This website gives you an overview of what has been achieved over the last few years, with the aim of providing the best possible service to the citizens of Europe and enabling the Commission to carry out its work at the heart of the European Union.

Please, note that the Reform website has been archived. The content reflects the state of play as of September 2004. For any update on the specific subjects, you may refer to Commission’s thematic websites or to the websites of the relevant Directorates-General:

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