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Your contributions: privacy aspects

For the information of interested parties, the Commission published all contributions received from institutional and individual contributors on the CO2 emissions from cars website unless the senders concerned explicitly objected to the publication of these contributions.

However, as a general rule, comments and contributions received from individuals are only published on the Commission's website on an anonymous basis, leaving out the sender's name and contact data and specifying only the sender's country or residence. Individual contributors who wanted the Commission to publish their names and contact data on the website together with the contributions received were asked explicitly to communicate this to the Commission when sending their contributions.

The Commission published comments received on this website in the format in which they were received. These should therefore not contain confidential information.

The consultation was subject to data privacy rules. A privacy policy statement pdf - 17 KB [17 KB]

specifies how your personal data was handled.

For further information on the process leading from the consultation to the adoption of the final legislation, click here:

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