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Contributions from organisations PDF                                                                                                                                                          

  • ACEA (European automobile manufacturers' association) English [581 Kb]
  • ADTS (Asociativo per la divulgación de les technologies sostenibles) English
  • UK AA (UK Advertising Association) English
  • AEGPL (Association européenne des gaz de pétroles liquéfiés) English
  • AGIR POUR L'ENVIRONNEMENT (Association de mobilisation citoyenne en faveur de l'environnement) français
  • ANFAC (Asociación Española de fabricantes de automóviles y camiones) español
    • annex español [1.3 Mb]
  • AVELE (Spanish association for the promotion of the electric & non contaminant vehicles) English
  • AVERE (Association européenne des véhicules électriques) English
  • BEUC (European consumer's organisation) English
    • cars 21 English
    • voluntary environmental agreements English
  • BVRLA (British vehicle rental & leasing association) English
  • EBB (European bio diesel board) English
  • EC-JAMA (Japanese automobile manufacturers' association) English
  • ENGVA (European Natural Gas Vehicle Association) English
  • ETRMA (European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association) English
  • ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) English
  • ETUC (European trade union confederation) English
  • EAA (European Aluminium Association) English [1.9 Mb]
  • FAEP (European federation of magazine publishers) English
  • FANC (Finnish association of nature conservation) English
  • FOE (Friends of the Earth) English
  • FOE Italy (Friends of the Earth Italy) English
  • GM (General Motors) English [741 Kb]
  • GLA (Greater London Authority) English
  • GREENPEACE English
  • IEA (International energy agency) English
  • IEW (Inter-environnement Wallonie) français
  • KAMA (Korean automobile manufacturers' association) English
  • Les amis de la terre Belgique - Association Environnementale français
  • LTI (London Taxi International) English
  • MICHELIN English
  • NABU/BUND/VCD and DUH (German NGO's association) Deutsch [1 Mb]
  • RAI ASSOCIATION (Automotive trade association - the Netherlands) English
  • RSPB (Royal society for protection of birds) English
  • SHECCO (Sustainable Heating and Cooling with CO2) English
  • SMMT (Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders) English
  • T&E (Transport and environment) English [761 Kb]
  • THE NETHERLANDS (Permanent representation of The Netherlands to the EU) English
    • annex English
  • UMWELT BUNDESAMT (Federal Environment Agency) English [436 Kb]
  • VDA (German Association of the automotive industry) English
  • VW GROUP UK (Volkswagen Group UK) English
  • WWF (World Wide Fund) English
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