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Jobs - Working for the REA

The Research Executive Agency (REA) currently employs 545 professionals from 24 countries.

It will become the largest executive agency, with 763 staff members, by 2020.

The main categories of staff employed in the REA are:

Temporary Agents (about 25% of staff)
Temporary staff are recruited for specialised tasks on fixed-term contracts, which may be renewed.

Typical job profiles include: Research Programme Officers, Legal Officers or some junior-management positions such as Heads of Sectors.

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Contract Agents (about 75% of staff)
Contract staff are recruited to do a wide range of support or technical jobs. Depending on the type of responsibilities and the qualifications required, they are divided into four 'function groups' (FG I to FGIV). Contract agents are recruited on fixed-term contracts, which may be renewed.

Some typical job profiles in the REA include: Project Advisers (FG IV), Project Officers (FG III), Finance Officers (FG IV), Project Assistants (FG II) and Financial Assistants (FG II).