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The REA manages about half of all EU-funded research grants and provides support in selecting proposals for EU funding, helping to maximise the societal benefits of science and innovation.
Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 Info Week:  registrations opening
26 April

Between 27 and 29 June 2016, the Research Executive Agency (REA) is co-organising an Info Week in Brussels for the 2017 calls for proposals of the Societal Challenge 2 (SC2) on ‘Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine and Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy’.


FET-Open grant preparation to start
29 February

Out of 822 FET-Open research proposals submitted under the call Novel ideas for radically new technologies, which closed last September with record participation figures, 13 proposals have been invited to prepare grant agreements. 11 Research Innovation Action (RIA) and 2 Coordination and Support Action (CSA) applications are likely to be supported by a total of €40 million in EU research grants.


EmerGent - Secure Societies
11 February

Einstein was right! 100 years after Einstein’s prediction, scientists, 14 of which backed by EU funding, observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime called gravitational waves, arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe.


EmerGent - Secure Societies
04 February

Imagine a world where emergency services discover what is going on from social media. During a crisis, such as a flood, an earthquake or a terrorist attack, people are sharing more and more information on social media sites. Could emergency services extract valuable messages from these data?


FET Open and FET Proactive
28 January

This week, the Research Executive Agency (REA) organised an info day in cooperation with the European Commission (EC) dedicated to a set of new Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) calls.


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Brussels, Belgium / 27-29 June 2016
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