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Picture of man inspecting
Detecting what can't be seen by the naked eye
Published: 25 November 2013
Picture little girl running
Researchers measure the quality of air in Europe
Published: 19 November 2013
Picture of a brain
Researchers make fire out of… water
Published: 28 October 2013
Picture Smart 'fertigation' system for eco-friendly agriculture
Smart 'fertigation' system for eco-friendly agriculture
Published: 15 July 2013
MCA researchers develop algal fuel
Published: 27 May 2013
Picture of a flame
EU funded scientists move brain research forward
Published: 20 May 2013
Picture of Gillian Handy
Novel biomaterials for tissue engineering
Published: 17 May 2013
Picture of aquarium
Using ultraviolet to clean water from bacteria
Published: 1 April 2013
Picture of mud-made cheese-strainer
Evidence of "oldest" cheese-making found
Published: 13 December 2012
Picture of water bag
Green solution for drinking water supply by sea
Published: 6 December 2012
Picture of rescue operation team members
Locating earthquake victims tested with success
Published: 28 September 2012
Picture of Proviscout Rover
Mars rover tested in Spain meets expectations
Published: 25 September 2012
Picture of a researcher
Higgs boson: interview with EU-funded researcher
Published: 1 August 2012
Picture of Fellows inspired by Nobel Prizes
Fellows inspired by Nobel Prizes
Published: 16 July 2012
Picture of pralines
Recipe for perfectly preserved praline
Published: 14 April 2012
Picture of bottles of olive oil
Electricity-driven olive oil extraction method
Published: 12 April 2012
Picture of irrigation system
Smart irrigation bears fruit
Published: 14 March 2012
Picture of microwaves blast asbestos dangers
Microwaves blast asbestos dangers
Published: 15 February 2012
Picture of Astroid Collision
Mission : sauver la Terre d'un astéroïde
Published: 1 February 2012
Innovative tomato peel coating for tinned tomatoes
Innovative tomato peel coating for canned foods
Published: 15 December 2011
Picture of Rover prototype
ProVIsG: ready to unveil planetary treasures
Published: 16 September 2011
Picture of nuclear power plant
EU project to prevent nuclear disasters
Published: 8 December 2011
Picture of perfume bottle in filiglass
Engraving technique to prevent counterfeiting
Published: 23 May 2011
Picture of x-ray from fish
Low-cost portable X-ray machine hits market
Published: 5 May 2011
Picture of new intelligent beds for EU hospitals
New intelligent beds for EU hospitals
Published: 10 April 2011
Picture of plasma
Bacteria-free eggs thanks to plasma technology
Published: 28 March 2011
Picture of woman holding new green plastic made from milk curd
New green plastic made from milk curd
Published: 10 March 2011
Picture of running shoe without heels
Heelless shoe to prevent running injuries
Published: 3 February 2011
Picture of Firefighting Robot
Meet a new unmanned robot fighting fire
Published: 11 January 2011