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Smartphone app helping people with bipolar disorderReusing wastewaterVolcano in eruptionScan of old woman suffering from osteoporosisLandslide buries some housesTextiles produced with less energy and less chemical waste

The REA motto is First-class support to European research that matters.

The research projects which we pick for funding are helping to tackle societal challenges and boost European competitiveness.

Read about the science breakthroughs: fire-fighting robots, preventing asteroid collisions with the Earth, smart irrigation, life-saving detectors, and more.

These innovations have been brought to life thanks to EU funding.

Smartphone app helping people with bipolar disorder

A Marie Curie fellow has developed a smartphone app which could mitigate the effects of bipolar disorder

Reusing wastewater

Nanomaterials can remove damaging pollutants from water so wastewater can be safely reused

Volcano in eruption

The first-ever satellite-based system to collect and disseminate information on active volcanoes worldwide

Scan of old woman suffering from osteoporosis

Smart materials to replace and repair bones, organs and skin tissues

Landslide buries some houses

Earth-observation satellite technologies may avert tragedy by warning of potential ground movements

Textiles produced with less energy and less chemical waste

New tools can restore Europe’s industrial position on the world market, replacing obsolete and polluting machines

Organic raspberries with high antioxidant levels

Researchers have developed new techniques to boost antioxidant levels in raspberries

Flood emergency message displays in a tablet

A new emergency alert system can warn potential victims in case of natural or man-made disasters

Removing asbestos from an old building

A European consortium has developed the first portable detector of asbestos fibres in the air

Mass-screening surveillance camera at a train station

New camera components can make life both safer and easier for travellers and event goers

Sleeping in a comfortable scented and warm mattress

Aromatic mattresses with built-in cooling and heating and comfy bedclothes improve sleep quality

Repairing welds on railway lines

A new tool finds railway track defects and inspects them in less than 15 minutes

A wooden house damaged by mould and weathering

A coating based on electric discharges can produce waterproof and mould-free exterior wood

EU-funded researchers design eco-friendly alternatives to pesticide use

A pioneering computer program may help boost the production of organic fruits and vegetables

White and purple asparagus field

A smart asparagus harvester could help farmers avoid costly errors

Water cleaned from legionella bacteria

Scientists have found an efficient and cost-saving solution to clean contaminated water systems

Some lizards can evolve in their lifetime

Lizards can mutate during their lifetime to survive, an EU-funded study finds

A room is illuminated by the light panel Coelux

A high-tech panel simulates the physical and optical effect of natural sunlight in windowless spaces

A plant, resistant to diseases and climate change, releasing water

Better understanding of a plant growth hormone could improve plants' resistance and adaptability

Male shore bird looking after offspring

A Marie Curie fellow has discovered that male birds look after offspring when there are gender ratio imbalances

An aerosol spray paint, releasing chemical particles in the atmosphere

New evidence finds a causal relation between aerosol concentration and pulmonary diseases in Romania

The system remotely monitors tidal energy turbine failures

Researchers are testing a 'unique' and safer system to remotely detect turbine failures and breakdowns

EU research funding helps researchers develop wooden doors and walls, able to reduce noise pollution at schools, hospital and homes

Soundproof wooden doors reduce noise and improve citizen's quality of life

healthy cereals, beer and wine

Researchers have developed a portable device for effective food quality control in canteens

EU-funded researchers have developed a low-cost device to efficiently extract energy from the sea

A European consortium has developed an off-shore wave energy capture and conversion device

EU-funded project has developed a system for monitoring European air quality

An EU-funded global air pollution monitoring system assesses the quality of the air we breathe

EU-funded researchers use UV Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and photocatalysis to clean water from bacteria and viruses

Researchers have developed an eco-friendly water purification method based on the use of UV light

EU-funded researchers work on a monitoring system to improve safety in underground tourist attractions

EU-funded researchers develop a first monitoring system to alert tourists in case of danger

EU-funded project has developed a safe welding gas made of water

A device that makes fire from water has been developed by researchers to improve the safety of welding

EU-funded researchers developed an automatic smart watering and fertilisation system

A sensor which identifies fertilisers needed by the crops has been designed by EU-funded researchers

EU-funded researchers have developed a non-invasive method to examine brain injuries

A non-invasive portable device that measures brain damage has been developed by EU-funded scientists

Device developed in an EU-funded project will take part in a space mission to Jupiter's moons

An EU-funded project has developed a key tool for space missions to search for traces of life on other planets

EU-funded drinks cooler will cool your drink in less than a minute

An EU-funded drinks cooler chills a drink in 45 seconds, and saves up to 80% energy compared to a shop fridge

An EU-funded project develops a formula for more eco-friendly concrete

An EU-funded project develops top quality, environmentally-friendly concrete

EU-funded project supports counter-terrorism

EU-funded consortium is revolutionising explosives detection methods using optic technology

EU-funded project develops algae fuel

The Mabfuel research team is farming seaweed to produce biodiesel

EU-funded project improves mussel farming

An EU project has developed a method to cut waste in mussel production and improve marine ecosystems

EU-funded project trains bees for landmines detection

EU-funded researchers taught specially-bred colonies of bees how to spot buried landmines from 4.5 km away

EU-funded project develops data analysis software for crisis situations

Research team successfully tests new data analysis software to save time and lives in crisis situations

An EU-funded researcher discovers a distant galaxy

The discovery of a distant galaxy by an EU-funded astronomer can help improve understanding of the Universe

An EU-funded project develops a method to reduce chemotherapy side effects

Scientists are working to reduce chemotherapy side effects by designing a novel drug delivery system

An EU-funded researcher finds further evidence on gene associated to childhood

An EU-funded study found new evidence on a gene thought to be involved in the development of asthma

An EU-funded researcher pushes nanotechnology further

EU-funded researcher develops structures that might lead to a breakthrough in nanosciences

An EU-funded study may help find new solutions to neurological disorders

EU-funded researchers develop a model which may help understand how memories are created and stored

EU-funded researcher reveals how immune system reacts to vaccination

Spanish researcher provides new insights on flu vaccination reactions

An EU-funded project aims at improving marine safety

Researchers constructed a parachute-shaped sea anchor to improve the efficiency of marine rescue operations

EU-funded technology to bring safer concrete constructions to earthquake zones

An EU-funded team is working on safer concrete constructions for seismic areas

An EU-funded project improves plastic recycling methods

An EU-funded project develops ultrasonic technology to recycle more plastic at a lower cost

EU-funded project designs portable toilet and shower system for hospitals

EU-funded research develops smart sanitary units to improve comfort of elderly and disabled people

EU-funded scientist develops smart antenna system

An EU-funded researcher develops a smart antenna that may significantly improve wireless communication

An EU-funded project looks at novel material for tissue engineering

An EU-funded researcher develops a novel material for tissue engineering that improves nerve regeneration

Fighting obesity and diabetes with lupin seeds

EU-funded researchers explore the potential of lupin seeds against obesity and diabetes

EU-funded research team develops new archaeological methods to avoid excavations

The EU supports an 'open laboratory' to unearth archaeological treasures without excavations

EU-funded project works on precious metals recovery

EU-funded project develops experimental mobile plant for the recovery of rare and precious metals

EU-funded project to avoid asteroids and meteors colliding with Earth

The EU invests €4 m to develop methods to avoid disasters such as the meteor's explosion over Russia

EU-funded project discovered the 'oldest' cheese

EU-funded archaeologists discover in Poland traces of the 'oldest' cheese preserved in pottery from 6000 BC

EU-funded project develops a method for drinking water transportation

EU-backed researchers design an easy-to-carry plastic barge to transport drinking water to islands

EU-funded project improves fish farming

EU-funded consortium develops a technology to protect fish tanks from harmful bacteria

EU-funded project developed an alert to save seniors in case of an accident

Researchers backed by the EU create the world's first wearable fall detection device for seniors

EU-funded project improves pipe organ industry

EU researchers develop software to help organ manufacturers design top-quality pipes at low cost

EU-funded project develops a water filter to combat Legionella

An EU-funded research team design a prototype water filter to combat Legionella, a life-threatening bacteria

EU-funded project helps clean water from arsenic

EU-funded researchers prove that water rich in arsenic, a poisonous chemical, may be drinkable

EU-funded project improves fish breeding

An EU-funded project develops a prototype of a sea-based cage for more efficient fish breeding

EU-funded project develops a method for locating earthquake victims

A device created by EU scientists detects earthquake victims trapped under rubble at a record-breaking speed

EU-funded project develops an adjustable hospital bed

A Spanish company designs smart hospital beds 'reading' patients' movement intentions

EU-funded project builds a rover for space missions

Researchers have successfully tested a rover that could be used for a space mission to Mars

The EU contributed to the Higgs boson discovery

EU-backed scientists were involved in the discovery of the 'Higgs boson'

EU-funded project works on new 'organic' electronics

16 researchers from 12 countries worldwide develop smaller and more powerful electronics

EU-funded project improves crop protection

Marie Curie fellow finds out how to use insects to prevent broomrape parasite weeds from infesting crops

EU-funded project creates an ocean monitoring database

Scientists from 28 countries work on an ocean monitoring database to enhance maritime safety

EU-funded research extends shelf life of chocolate

EU-funded research on chocolate can help save the industry up to €1.2 billion a year

EU-funded project improves olive oil extraction methods

An innovative extraction method allows farmers to produce more oil from the same amount of olives

EU-funded project designs a smart irrigation system to save water

EU-funded researchers develop a technology that can save 1,500 trillion litres of water annually

EU-funded project develops eco-coating for canned foods

EU-backed researchers work on a highly innovative and eco-friendly can coating made of tomato waste

EU-funded projects designs a scanner to avoid nuclear accidents

Two EU projects develop complementary crack-detection scanners for nuclear power plants

EU-funded project develops a technology to transform pictures in 3D models

Researchers designed an imaging system which gives 'volume' to pictures and transforms them into 3D models

EU-funded project supports anti –counterfeiting

A new glass engraving technique allows distinguishing originals from fake drugs and perfumes

EU-funded project develops portable x-ray machine

Mobile medical teams might soon be able to use X-rays at emergencies on site

EU-funded project develops a method to improve food safety

An EU-funded research team develops a new technology killing all eggshell germs

EU-funded project develops eco-plastic made from cheese

Multi-layer eco-plastic for food packaging can be produced from cheese waste

EU-funded project helps avoid running injuries

EU-funded researchers develop a new jogging-friendly 'heelless' sneaker to prevent running injuries

EU-funded project designs a robot to fight fire

EU-funded researchers design unmanned robot for situations where standard fire tracks can't intervene

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