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Quickly detecting toxins in food and drinks

healthy cereals, beer and wine


The EU-funded project Otasens has developed a low-priced and environmentally friendly photo-sensor device for faster and effective detection of toxins in food and drinks.

The technology is able to detect ochratoxin A (OTA), one of the most common health risk toxins in cereals, wine and beer. OTA can suppress the immune system and even cause cancer in humans and animals.

The advantages of the technology developed by the Otasens Team are numerous compared to the traditional systems, affirm project representatives. The system reduces food analysis by 50%. Furthermore, it requires smaller amounts of solvents and chemicals, which may cut cost and environmental impact.

In addition, the new device is portable, weighs less than 1kg and its use requires no expertise. It is a fast, cheap and potentially effective food quality control tool not only for laboratories, but also for canteens, breweries and farms.

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Factsheet by the European Commission / 4 December 2013