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Automatic 'fertigation' system for smart agriculture

 EU-funded researchers developed an automatic smart watering and fertilisation system


The research team of the Optifert project have designed a system which would allow farmers, via a computer programme, to synchronise watering and fertilising of the soil, and cut production costs.

The scientists came up with a sensor which analyses soil samples collected directly in the field, and determines, in only a few minutes, the amount of nutrients needed by the crops.

Thanks to this innovative soil sensor, the new ‘fertigation’ system can deliver just the right amount of water and fertilisers to help crops grow.

According to the researchers, it would help farmers save time and resources, and make agriculture more eco-friendly.

Optifert won a silver medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Awards 2013 on the occasion of the Agritechnica exhibition, the world’s biggest agricultural event held in Germany.

Article by Die Welt / 22 October 2013

Video by Euronews / 15 July 2013

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