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Examining brain injuries through innovative 'glasses'

EU-funded researchers have developed a non-invasive method to examine brain injuries


BrainSafe II, an EU-funded project, has developed a method of examining brain injuries in a non-invasive way.

Patients are provided with special glasses that measure the pressure on their brain tissues to estimate the risk of brain damage. Until now, this measurement could be conducted only by drilling into the skull.

According to the researchers, the results of BrainSafe II are 'a very significant breakthrough in healthcare delivery', and could save thousands of lives annually.

The project builds upon the successful results of BrainSafe. All in all, the European Union has supported the research by a total amount of over €2 million.

Video by Euronews / 20 May 2013

Project's website

Factsheet by the European Commission / 21 May 2013