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The REA manages nearly half of all FP7 projects

Over the life of FP7, which runs until 2013, the REA will manage research projects to a value of €6.4 billion – the figure represents around 12% of the global € 53 billion FP7 budget, although the Agency will manage nearly half of all FP7 projects.

The REA finances research projects through:

  • the PEOPLE programme and the Marie Curie Actions, which help European researchers exploit their potential – mainly by stimulating their career development, especially in terms of training and mobility.
  • the part of the CAPACITIES programme targeting European SMEs which helps them compete – by strengthening their innovation capacity on the basis of outsourcing research.
  • parts of the COOPERATION programme in the areas of Space and Security, which aim at maximising the benefits of space-based research and increasing civil security in Europe.

The REA also manages the FP7 evaluation facility
The REA also manages the proposal evaluation facilities across nearly the whole of FP7 – except evaluation facilities for the IDEAS programme, which is entirely managed by the European Research Council, and for EURATOM. The REA provides services for legal and financial validation of participants and manages the FP7 Research Enquiry Service.

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